Saturday, November 14, 2009

(HERALD) MDC-T game out in the open

MDC-T game out in the open
Frank Ratidzo - Opinion
Sat, 14 Nov 2009 14:43:00 +0000

DEAR EDITOR - The new Movement for Democratic Change party's tactic is out in the open: buy time by dwelling on peripheral matters and throw spanners in the works if you know you are losing the game.

It is much like those footballers who writhe on the grass from fake injuries, who dive and who deliberately kick the ball out of the pitch when they realise they are not winning the game and hoping to push into extra-time and penalty shoot-outs (elections).

Prime Minister Tsvangirai knows he is losing, or has lost the Global Political Agreement (GPA) game and his aide and party financier, Roy Bennett knows there is no chance in heaven that he will win this court case on merit.

That is why these two 'spanner politicians' will go to any length to delay the game, hoping that the referee may be pursuaded to abandon the match pre-term.

The Zimbabwe judicial system is being hijacked by criminals and quake lawyers who specialise in winning cases only on technicalities. We have seen recent cases of rapists and cellphone thieves walking scot-free after cases against them collapsed on technicalities.

This trend might well be good enough for the MDC-T and its outlaw associates in the short term, but its bound to be disastrous for Zimbabwe in the long term.

The root cause of all this is obviously the weak performance or incompetency of the prosecutors and the AG's department chiefly because of their pathetic remuneration and inadequate resources.

Feel free to stretch your imagination and picture a scenario where the Attorney General, Johannes Tomana, was a self-confessed MDC member.

The MDC remains immoral in its campaign to use its financial muscle to try to smuggle racists, terrorists, thieves and rapists into Government.

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