Saturday, November 21, 2009

We’re ready to die for our sovereignty, declares Chavez

We’re ready to die for our sovereignty, declares Chavez
By Larry Moonze in Havana, Cuba
Sat 21 Nov. 2009, 04:01 CAT

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez has said Venezuelans would defend their sovereignty and dignity with their lives. He said not even the Colombian people were secure. “Now faced with a new imperialist attack our sovereignty also has to face a challenging time,” he said. “A challenging time we will face with the same peaceful vocation we have been known for.

But we must explain that peace is not and will never be similar to submission. And because we love and value peace, we will not move away from that old principle especially when the imperialist criminal brutality is threatening us. If we want peace, prepare for war.”

President Chavez said Venezuelans must set out on a long journey towards themselves. He said that was the most necessary journey of all that included building a socialist sovereignty from the bottom up.

President Chavez said that was the first aim of the electoral process held by the PSUV United Socialist Party of Venezuela last Sunday in order to elect from the grassroots delegates to the Extraordinary Congress, slated for end of the year.

He said a total of 2,450,377 militants would have the historical honour to strengthen the party as a powerful mass structure in conscious motion by speeding up the birth of a new history.

“I am obliged to call on everybody to defend the homeland of Bolivar and our children,” President Chavez said.

“If I did not do it, I would be committing the act of high treason against our beloved Venezuela and much more with the information I have. Our homeland is free and we will defend it with our lives. Venezuela will never be a colony. It will never be on its knee in front of invaders and empires.

And our Bolivarian Armed Force, the people in arms as a whole, is and has to be a guarantor for the Bolivarian peace, the real peace.”

He said the seven military bases the US was installing inside Colombia constituted a lethal danger to Venezuela and the rest of the region.

President Chavez dismissed Colombian President Alvaro Uribe’s statement that the US-Colombia military agreement was a matter of Colombian sovereignty.

“A matter of sovereignty when all the gringo US war arsenal it includes responds to the concept of extraterritorial operations?”

President Chavez posed. “How can you talk to a government that is completely subordinated to the dominating global strategy of the empire? What can you say of a government that turns the Colombian territory into a huge yankee military enclave; that is to say, into the greatest threat against the peace and security of the South American region and all Our America?

Uribe can go everywhere and offer all kind of security but the agreement actually prevents Colombia from offering guarantees and security to anybody not even to the Colombian people. Such guarantees cannot be offered by a country that is no longer sovereign and that has been turned into a tool of the new colonial period foreseen by our liberator Simon Bolivar.”

President Chavez said the sovereignty of the people was the only legitimate authority of nations.

He said nobody but the majority was sovereign.

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