Saturday, January 02, 2010

Share resources with the poor, Mazombwe urges leaders

Share resources with the poor, Mazombwe urges leaders
By Agness Changala
Sat 02 Jan. 2010, 04:01 CAT

Retired Catholic Archdiocese of Lusaka Archbishop Medardo Mazombwe with Fr Van Kessel (l) after unveiling and blessing the statue of the Good Shepherd donated by Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda on New Year - Picture by Thomas Nsama

RETIRED Lusaka Archbishop Merdado Mazombwe has urged leaders who have enough resources to share with the poor.

Unveiling a statue donated to the Good Shepherd Catholic Church by Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda as a sign of good shepherd in Lusaka yesterday, Archbishop Mazombwe said from time to time, leaders must sit down and put together what they needed from what they had.

“And the rest belongs to the poor, share with the poor,” he said. “You have shared with us out of what you have and that’s why we will never stop thanking you and those who cooperated with you to give us this image of Jesus.”

Archbishop Mazombwe described Lubinda as a believer because he met him each time he had the opportunity of visiting the Parish. And Archbishop Mazombwe said every leader should be a shepherd ready to give his life and die for his sheep in one way or another. He said a good shepherd should always be ready to feed his sheep.

“A shepherd is responsible for the most important kind of wealth, the sheep. The sheep provides food such as milk, clothing from wool and shoes from its skin,” he said.

Archbishop Mazombwe also urged Christians to leave in peace and administer justice to all and the church.

Before unveiling the statue, Archbishop Mazombwe participated in conducting mass and received a group of women who have joined the Catholic Women Organisation.

And Lubinda said the image donated to the church ought to remind everyone to become a good shepherd in their homes and everywhere else.

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