Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zimbabwe’s unity govt was a non-starter, says Mulafulafu

COMMENT - What a nonsense. 'Mugabe is not committed to good governance'? The MDC DESTROYED THE ECONOMY. Not only were they complicit in the economic sanctions that destroyed the currency, but they even called for a foreign invasion. How many people in Zimbabwe would have dies if that had happened? And what does mr. Mulafulafu call good governance - the privatisation of the economy? Because that is what both MDC factions want - sell of the parastatals they don't have the talent to create or run. It is easy to sell what someone else created. They are sellouts.

Zimbabwe’s unity govt was a non-starter, says Mulafulafu
By Mwala Kalaluka
Sun 31 Jan. 2010, 04:01 CAT

CARITAS Zambia executive director Sam Mulafulafu yesterday said the Zimbabwean government of national unity was a non-starter from the beginning. Commenting on the renewed differences between the ruling ZANU-PF and Morgan Tsivangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Mulafulafu said the Tsvangirai camp had given too much to President Robert Mugabe.

Mulafulafu said those that held the above view had now been vindicated by the latest development because it was apparent that President Mugabe was not committed good governance.

“Mugabe is not committed to good governance. So the two parties are at variance in terms of policies on different areas,” Mulafulafu said.

He said for such an arrangement like the Global Partnership Agreement (GPA) in that country to work, there was need for a political dispensation where the parties agreed on fundamental issues.

“The solution for Zimbabwe is for the international community to put pressure on them for them to have elections,” Mulafulafu said. “The process has stalled but sometimes we tend to blame international pressure when there is something that we can do ourselves. It is known that there are hardly any sanctions in Zimbabwe. The only sanctions that we know are caveats for travel on various leaders of ZANU-PF.”

Mulafulafu said the current Zambian government's approach to the problem in Zimbabwe was not only surprising but shocking given the manner the late president Levy Mwanawasa handled the issue.

“Of course it is a bit surprising and shocking because there is no attention that has been paid to Zimbabwe in terms of changing Mugabe's attitude to governance,” he said. “Instead we are seeing our leadership embracing and suggesting that Mugabe is a model of leadership, which is quite sad.”

Mulafulafu said President Mugabe has been exhibiting that kind of behaviour because of lack of pressure from his peers in the Southern Africa region.

ZANU-PF and MDC, the two major political parties that make up Zimbabwe's inclusive government have renewed their differences over the removal of sanctions slapped on the country by the West.

The renewed fight is likely to distract the resumption of talks aimed at stabilizing the volatile situation in the shaky unity government that was formed last year following a violent election in 2008.

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