Thursday, February 18, 2010

(LUSAKATIMES) Prof.Chirwa demands public apology from Chibombo MMD Chairperson Lloyd Kayeka

Prof.Chirwa demands public apology from Chibombo MMD Chairperson Lloyd Kayeka
Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 22:25

The opposition United Party for National Development new member Professor Clive Chirwa has demanded for a public apology from Chibombo MMD Chairperson Lloyd Kayeka for calling him a liar and a thief who entered the party through a window. He said this in a statement to Lusakatimes yesterday.

Prof. Chirwa urged Kayeka to publicly apologise and if he fails to do it within 14 days he would consult his lawyers in London to institute preparations for legal proceedings against Mr. Kayeka.

“I request Kayeka to apologise for calling me a liar and a thief who entered MMD through a window. If he does not publicly do that within 14 days, I will instruct my lawyers in London to begin preparation for court proceedings,” Prof. Chirwa said.

Prof Chirwa clarified that he has never belonged to an MMD branch in Katuba Constituency. He said that was a member of Mwamba Luchembe branch in Mandevu constituency, where Lusaka District Chairperson signed his membership card in the presence of the district committee, as requested by the late President Levy Mwanawasa.

On February 9, at a at rally in Chisamba, Mr. Kayeka challenged Professor Clive Chirwa to state the branch in Katuba constituency from which he joined the party.

Speaking before Vice President George Kunda addressed the rally at Chisamba grounds, Mr. Kayeka charged that Prof. Chirwa was a liar who could not prove his claims because no party register in Katuba constituency carried his name.

‘Your honour that man (Prof. Chirwa) is a liar. We do not know him at all. These are the people who enter through a window and we did not see him,’ he charged.

And on hearing about his resignation, MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya, said Clive Chirwa was not a member of the ruling party and therefore claims that he had resigned from the party are baseless.

“I am shocked to hear Prof Chirwa’s tantrums because the man is not our member. He has never been a member of the MMD and so he does not have the right to talk about the party matters but I will assume he was expressing his opinion,” Ms Siliya said at the time.

Prof. Chirwa has been at the center of controversy in MMD following his intention to aspire for the Party’s presidency until he decided to ditch it this year to Join UPND.

In July last year Prof. Chirwa refuted the same assertions that he was not a genuine member of the ruling MMD adding that the people who were claiming that he was not a legitimate member of the MMD were bent on spoiling his political aspirations.

In January this year Prof. resigned from MMD to join UPND and cited many reasons for his leaving the party such as corruption, failure to improve manufacturing industry, agriculture, kneeling to donors for help, failing to improve the education system in the country, and for failing to reduce poverty.

He said he was a happy member of UPND a party that respects its members and said he would help the PACT to win 2011 elections.

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