Monday, February 08, 2010

(NED) NED Grant Recipients In Zimbabwe

COMMENT - These are the grant recipients in Zimbabwe listed on the National Endowment For Democracy website. A lot more money is flowing into Zimbabwe's opposition NGOs through USAID and other foreign financiers.


American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To increase Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)’s capacity to protect and advocate for the rights of formal and informal sector Zimbabweans. The Solidarity Center will assist the ZCTU to access domestic and international forums for advocacy and information exchange. The Center will also support the technical expertise of the Labor and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe to ensure ZCTU access to accurate information regarding national economic policies.

Center for Research and Development (CRD)

To improve the capacity of traditional leaders to handle cases of human rights violations and promote democratic values while discharging their duties. The CRD will organize 20 workshops for traditional leaders, to discuss the roles and functions of traditional leaders and provide them with a platform to discuss human rights and democracy.

Centre for Community Development In Zimbabwe (CCDZ)
To enhance citizen participation in governance and decision-making. CCDZ will work with women and young people to encourage them to engage with elected politicians of both political parties to ensure that they are responsive to the needs of their constituents. The campaign will be divided into four different components: women’s political participation, youth mobilization and peace-building, civic and leadership engagement, and an advocacy campaign.

Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI)
To promote public policy discourse and better policies through empirical research of people’s attitudes towards the economy. MPOI will conduct Round 3 of a national public opinion survey to focus on the state of the economy, people’s perceptions, and how citizens under economic pressure respond or react politically.

Media Institute of Southern Africa – Zimbabwe Chapter (MISA)

To empower society with information to discuss and make informed decisions. MISA will launch a media campaign focusing on the importance of objective media coverage of electoral processes as well as to provide an alternative voice on the electoral processes and other critical national issues.

Savanna Trust
To enhance the participation and effectiveness of community theater groups in promoting public dialogue and civic participation among grassroots communities. ST will train 15 community theatre groups on how to use theatre for social transformation. The theatre groups will produce and perform plays in 18 community outreach theater sessions. Savanna Trust’s core performance team will produce plays addressing national socio-political issues.

Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ)
To promote youth participation in policy and decision-making processes. SCMZ will launch an intensive advocacy and information campaign promoting the participation of youth in national civic issues. The campaign will target young people in tertiary institutions and rural communities with activities promoting the democratization process, human rights protection and promotion, youth participation in the electoral and decision making processes, increased female participation, and building female capacity.

Youth Agenda
To create a platform for sustained dialogue and tolerance among youth in marginalized communities as a way of ensuring positive participation in the democratic process. Youth Agenda will create community sustained dialogue teams to carryout and lead community peace and tolerance building activities and civic education programs on the importance and need for sustained dialogue.

Youth Forum
To advance the promotion and protection of human rights by rural citizens. Youth Forum will organize mock-trial tribunals depicting human rights abuse cases that will be performed in high traffic areas. Youth Forum will also document and report on human rights abuses.

Zimbabwe Community Development Trust (ZCDT)
To promote the participation of victims of violence and torture in political processes. ZCDT will conduct a series of focus group discussions with victims of violence and torture on issues of reintegration, truth, justice, accountability, democracy, and good governance. At the completion of the focus group discussions, ZCDT will compile a comprehensive report of the discussion highlights which will be circulated among civil society groups.

Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)
To minimize the future risk of politically motivated violence in rural communities. ZimRights will document both old and new cases of politically motivated violence, lobby police officials to carryout duties impartially, and facilitate the creation of peace committees which will strategize on how to resolve community conflicts and advocate for peace.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR)
To develop a support network for human rights defenders who are willing and able to promote and protect human rights. ZLHR will organize capacity-building activities for human rights defenders, members of the legal profession, trade unionists, and students. ZLHR will also provide emergency legal assistance to human rights defenders.

* Indicates Department of State Funding Beyond NED’s Annual Appropriation

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