Tuesday, February 09, 2010

(NEWZIMBABWE) 60 MDC-T members arrested

60 MDC-T members arrested
Tue, 09 Feb 2010 02:16:00 +0000

SIXTY MDC-T members were arrested on Saturday after a district meeting degenerated into fistfights as problems continue to dog the party. Several senior members of that party are under investigation for corruption and several MPs have been charged and imprisoned for various offences.

Riot police were called in when delegates to the meeting at Caravan Park started exchanging blows after what is believed to be a tribal-based dispute erupted. Several people were seriously injured and 58 people were arrested. Police recovered bricks and logs from the scene.

The suspects are set to appear in court today facing public violence charges.

A long-standing tribal feud within the district, pitting a faction led by Enos Chili and incumbent Beitbridge Town Council chairman Fanuel Mandebvu, is said to have sparked the violence.

Sources said Chili’s faction was advocating equal sharing of executive posts between Venda and Shona members.

Among those arrested was Councillor Mandebvu, provincial member Chili, Ward 1 Clr Danmore Dzokurasa, the district executive chairman identified as Mr Dube.

Prominent Beitbridge businessman Moffat Ndou was also arrested.

Four of the suspects — Tobias Sibanda, Sikhephula Moyo, Graham Nyoni and Savious Singo — were arrested after storming the house of Home Affairs co-Minister and Beitbridge East legislator Kembo Mohadi.

The MDC-T party has always denied that violence exists in that party.

In 2006 Trudy Stevenson, an MDC Member of Parliament, was attacked by youths from Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC formation.

The MDC-T party has always denied the existence of violence in their party.

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