Saturday, April 24, 2010

K600bn UNZA, CBU debt is choking govt, says Siliya

K600bn UNZA, CBU debt is choking govt, says Siliya
By Justin Katilungu in Kabwe
Sat 24 Apr. 2010, 03:40 CAT

THE K600 billion debt that the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University owe is choking the government, education minister Dora Siliya has observed.

Addressing students and management of Mulungushi University on Wednesday, Siliya said the government needed to find money to liquidate the debt owed by the two public universities.

“We need to seek money to offset this K600 billion debt or else my ministry will continue to be choked,” Siliya said.

She said the government was pushing for public private partnerships to enable the private sector invest in the education sector because it had become costly for the government to run the two public universities.

Siliya noted that the government treasured public private sector partnerships, as they were a cornerstone to fostering national development.

“We have created an enabling environment where the private sector is flourishing and our economy is growing. When the private sector continues to grow steadily, it means that there will be more financial support to government projects too,” Siliya said.

And Central Province permanent secretary Denny Lumbama told Siliya when she called on provincial minister Ackimson Banda that the government was doing extremely well in the education sector in Kabwe and other towns in the province.

Lumbama said the development of infrastructure in the education sector in Kabwe was going on very well.

“We have several high schools being erected in the province through the Ministry of Education but as provincial administration, we are also supplementing to this noble cause. We are happy with the expansion of Mulungushi University and Nkrumah College University,” said Lumbama.

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