Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(NEWZIMBABWE) Jamaican star raves about Zimbabwe

Jamaican star raves about Zimbabwe
Rise up Zimbabwe ... Jamaican reggae star Red Rat
by Showbiz Reporter
27/04/2010 00:00:00

Sizzla headlines Mugabe celebrations

REGGAE star Red Rat rhymes “vasikana call me”, “Zimbabwe queens are mi African darlings” and urges Zimbabweans to “look to the prize and rise” in a new song which emphasises the country’s growing influence on Jamaican music.

Zimbabwean producer and dancehall artist Jusa Dementor worked with Red Rat on the song Rise Up – released last week to coincide with the country’s 30th independence from racist white colonial rule.

On it, Red Rat raves about the Victoria Falls and Borrowdale while promising that people will “stomp on the ground” when he visits Mbare and “rocation”.

Jusa said: “As Red Rat said, its time for Zimbabwe to rise up. There are so many talented youths in Zimbabwe that need a small break and a chance to be heard.

“As ABRA Records, we hope to provide that platform while based in the Diaspora and utilise the connections we have made through our brand to export Zimbabwe's Urban talent. We hope Red Rat will be able to visit our beautiful nation, see all its natural wonders and meet up with our warm hearted people in the near future.”

Red Rat, who shot to fame with hits like Shelly Anne, Dwayne, Tight Up Skirt and his trademark cry ‘Ooooh-No!’, follows in the footsteps of the legendary Jamaican stars Bob Marley and Sizzla who both recorded tracks dedicated to Zimbabwe.

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Meanwhile another Zimbabwean producer Sanii Makhalima has put out his own sizzling independence song featuring Cindy, Trevor Dongo, Tawanda and Leonard Mapfumo.

The catchy track is a phenomenal vocal masterpiece with lyrics delivered in English and Shona.

Also: Amina Kadeya vs Air Horn Dance Intro. RISE UP ZIMBABWE Thanxs to the A..B.R.A TRIBE - MrK

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