Thursday, May 20, 2010

(NEWZIMBABWE) Mugabe: MDC in same camp as our enemies

COMMENT - The MDC are stooges. And we did not hear about Zimbabwe because of the protection of the property rights of white farmers (South Africa, anyone?) but of corporate mine owners. They are the only ones with the clout to start an international media campaign of villification, and keep that up for a decade. Reading the media, you would think more white farmers had been killed in Zimbabwe (12) than in South Africa (3,200).

Mugabe: MDC in same camp as our enemies
by Lebo Nkatazo
19/05/2010 00:00:00

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has launched an astonishing attack on his MDC ruling coalition partners, claiming the former opposition party “upholds the interests of imperialists and colonialists” and are “in the same camp as the enemies of the people”.

Not since agreeing to share power with MDC rival leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara has Mugabe made such barbed comments about his domestic political opponents.

Mugabe’s outburst appeared to be triggered by the Tsvangirai-led MDC’s opposition to the government’s indigenisation programme which will force companies worth at least US$3,5 million to cede 51 percent shareholding to locals.

Mugabe said “while Zanu PF continued to defend the peoples’ sovereignty and rights against colonisers and imperialists, the MDC-T members had remained stooges and bootlickers of the country’s former colonisers,” according to a report in the latest issue of the Zanu PF mouthpiece, The People’s Voice.

The paper said Mugabe granted it an exclusive interview at the Zanu PF HQ in Harare last Friday.

Mugabe was quoted as saying: “There have always been differences between us. Zanu PF is the true fighter for the people and their rights, and the MDC uphold the interests of imperialists and colonialists thereby working against the people and their rights.

“This is the distinction between Zanu PF and MDC-T and that is how we are moving along.

“But we get solace from the science of electricity where one needs a positive and a negative to get power.

“What are your objectives? What do you stand for? If you do not stand for the right of the people to own their resources, then you are in the same camp with the enemies of the people.”

The year-long coalition has stabilised the economy but suspicions remain. Mugabe has refused to swear-in Roy Bennett, Tsvangirai’s pick for deputy agriculture minister, citing treason charges against him. He was acquitted last week, but the Attorney General has appealed.

Mugabe’s apparent intransigence and a perception he is not moving to guarantee property rights, particularly of white farmers, has seen western donors withhold critical aid needed to support the weak economy and restore public services and infrastructure.

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