Thursday, July 29, 2010

(LUSAKATIMES) Rupiah is distorting democracy, says Milupi

Rupiah is distorting democracy, says Milupi
Thursday, July 29, 2010, 8:44

Former Luena Member of Parliament Charles Milupi after launching his new political party in Lusaka. The Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) interim president, Charles Milupi has described republican President, Rupiah Banda’s call for the electorate in Luena not to vote for him as a distortion to democracy.

Mr. Milupi who recently relinquished the parliamentary seat to take up ADD presidency, said that his conduct is within the obligations of the constitution.
he said the decision he made was in the best interest of the people and his performance in that area still holds enough reputation for him to retain the seat.

Mr Milupi said that ADD is an effective opposition political party that could be able to give a new turn to national politics by according credibility to the democracy that this country has been built on.

He pointed out that his party is by far the most popular party in the LUENA at the moment and MMD is too unpopular to compete for the parliamentary seat.

The ADD president said he is building the ADD on issues and not character assassination as it has been the case with other political parties.

Mr. Milupi, however, said that he does not expect the republican president to take pride in insulting competitors.

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