Thursday, July 15, 2010

Namugala’s dirty politics have failed - Magande

Namugala’s dirty politics have failed - Magande
By Patson Chilemba
Thu 15 July 2010, 04:10 CAT

TOURISM minister Catherine Namugala’s dirty politics have failed to work, Chilanga MMD member of parliament Ng’andu Magande observed yesterday.

Commenting on Namugala’s statement that politics were dirty, especially for women who suffered too much character assassination, Magande said Namugala should not throw stones because she lived in a glass house.

“It is better when you see something dirty, you try to clean it. But then young people like Namugala thought at their age they would start getting into a dirty game and win. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working for them,” Magande said.

“I will give you the specific case of Zambian Airways; you know it came out in that Executive Issues a publication which was run by President Rupiah Banda’s spokesperson Dickson Jere. Namugala is one of those people propagating lies about Zambian Airways in the Executive Issues.”

Magande said Namugala was, in fact, one of the government officials propagating the untruthful stories involving Zambian Airways.

“Those are the people who were starting stories that have not achieved anything and have ended up not being correct. I think that is the whole point; they have just realised that by making politics dirty, they can also end up being victims,” Magande said.

“She is actually the one who was distributing pamphlets to the NEC national executive committee members when we went for voting in 2008 at Mulungushi, and I wanted to get a copy of the magazine, she refused. She thought by distributing that document to the members, then they would vote against me.”

Magande said Namugala fell into the category of people who wanted to maintain power at all costs, and when they failed to use that power properly, they cried foul.

He said Namugala should not be the one to talk about dirty politics because she should have helped to make them clean.

“All I can say is that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones,” Magande said.

He said people should not get into politics for the sake of personal gain but to give service to other people. Magande said when people went into politics with the objective of serving, they would not start trying to destroy others.

“If you asked her to say, ‘what do you mean by politics being dirty?’ She will fail to explain, except she will end up saying ‘no, I heard somebody talking about me in this way’,” said Magande.

Namugala on Sunday said Zambian politics were too dirty and rough for women. She said political parties, including the ruling MMD, should do more to make women feel safer because there was too much character assassination in politics.

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