Thursday, July 01, 2010

Radio Liseli as light of truth, says Bishop Duffy

Radio Liseli as light of truth, says Bishop Duffy
By Mwala Kalaluka in Mongu
Thu 01 July 2010, 04:50 CAT

MONGU Diocese Bishop Paul Duffy has urged the Roman Catholic Church-run Oblate Radio Liseli never to veer from its special responsibility of radiating the light of truth to the people of Western Province.

And Western Province minister Sikwibele Mwapela has acknowledged that it is only a well-informed community that makes good decisions.

During celebrations to mark five years of Oblate Radio Liseli’s existence held at Mongu’s Ngulu Hotel on Saturday, Bishop Duffy said the radio station was a part and parcel of the uplifting of the people of the Province to a more informed, educated citizenry.

“Yours is a special responsibility of radiating the light of truth. Don’t ever veer from that obligation. Yours is not a job. It’s a true vocation of sharing faith with others by your service to upholding Christian values in all phases of our being. You are God’s instrument,” Bishop Duffy said.

“During these past five years, our people have benefited so much from the wide scope of programming aired. The Good News of the Gospel with its practical application to daily living is much appreciated by so many listeners.”

Bishop Duffy, who has just returned from Kaoma’s Mangango Constituency, said when visiting the Province’s remote villages, it was gratifying to hear Oblate Radio Liseli being tuned in.

“The people tell me ‘we now feel connected. We are able to know what’s going on, especially in our own part of the country. We no longer feel so isolated’,” said Bishop Duffy. “Oblate Radio Liseli is a true light for the people of the Western Province.”

And Mwapela said it was common knowledge that the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) signal could not reach the Province’s rural areas and as such community radio stations became significant.

Mwapela said community radio stations took communication closer to the people and made them part of the decision-making process.

“Because it is only a well-informed community that makes good decisions,” Mwapela said.

“When Oblate Radio Liseli started airing different programmes in 2005, the community, including some government departments and non-governmental organisations, were reluctant to give out information but as time went by, people began to appreciate Oblate Radio Liseli’s vision and mission.”

Mwapela said Oblate Radio Liseli had played a vital role in the province’s development prospects over the last half decade.

However, Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) Zambia delegation superior Fr Evans Chinyemba asked the government to listen to appeals by the radio station to expand its coverage area in the Province.

Fr Chinyemba said it was inspiring that what had started just as a mere item on the agenda was now an institution that reached out to people in their quest for God, news and development.

Oblate Radio Liseli director Fr Freeborn Kibombwe said the realisation of the dream of Radio Liseli had not been without its trials and difficulties but that the vision, passion and courage had left nothing unchallenged in realising the noble purpose.

Several Mongu residents attended the anniversary celebration and awards were given to deserving radio staff and members of the community, including the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE).

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