Saturday, August 07, 2010

Mpombo explains his conviction

Mpombo explains his conviction
By Abigail Chaponda in Ndola
Sat 07 Aug. 2010, 04:00 CAT

GEORGE Mpombo yesterday described his conviction as part of President Rupiah Banda's scheme to convict, fix, humiliate politically and otherwise incapacitate him.
Commenting on his conviction, Mpombo said he was ready for anything they want to do to him.

"This conviction does not come to me as a surprise because from the very beginning I knew that I was arrested and was being prosecuted on orders of Rupiah Banda so that I am convicted, fixed, humiliated politically and otherwise incapacitated.

Given Rupiah Banda's interest in this matter there was nothing the police or any judicial officer could do but to obey his wish,” Mpombo said.

“And who doesn't know what they were saying about this case. I haven't forgotten what Mike Mulongoti said about me being convicted in this matter and sent to jail where I will need him. This is what they have done. This is how they operate. This is their criminal scheme but it won't work, they will live to regret their evil actions against me.”

Mpombo said he has come a long way in his life and has lived an honest life.

“I have never abused public office or involved myself in corrupt deeds like they do everyday. And I am not that naive to expect lenience from them. They are out to finish me off. But the Lord and justice is on my side. They will live to regret everything they are doing to me,” Mpombo said.

“They have failed to politically deal with me and had to resort to the abuse of the judicial process. But for how long will they survive through abuse and corruption? I will be back on Monday to hear my sentence.

I expect no lenience from Rupiah because he didn't bring up this case against me to show how lenient he is but to demonstrate how abusive and cruel he can be. I am ready for anything they want to do to me because the Lord and justice are on my side."

The Ndola magistrate’s court yesterday convicted Mpombo on one count of issuing a cheque on an insufficiently funded account.

Mpombo, 55, of number five Katonde Farms, was convicted by Chief Resident Magistrate Kelvin Limbani.
Mpombo was charged with an offence of a dishonoured cheque, contrary to section 33 (1) of the national payment systems Act as read with the Bank of Zambia Act.

Particulars of the offence were that Mpombo on December 18, 2009 with intent to defraud, issued cheque number 00014 worth K10 million to Colwyn Limited of Ndola on an insufficiently funded account, at Standard Chartered Bank, account number 0100260696200 which rendered the cheque dishonoured.
Mpombo’s lawyer Bonaventure Mutale in mitigation asked magistrate Limbani to fine Mpombo instead of giving him a custodial sentence.

“The accused is a first offender and I humbly ask the court to accord maximum leniency. The court should take note that the accused repaid the money at the earliest notice when he was informed that the cheque was dishonoured. The position is that there is no loss that was suffered by the complainant as the money was paid,” Mutale said.

“The circumstances surrounding the case do not show any features of aggravation. I humbly request a fine as opposed to a custodial sentence. I humbly beseech your honour to consider a fine as it is quite clearly that there are no aggravated circumstances.”

But magistrate Limbani reserved sentencing to Monday August 9, 20101 and remanded Mpombo in custody.
“You are a convict and I shall remand you in custody. Sentencing is set for Monday 9th August,” he said.

Mpombo looked so surprised over the conviction.
The mood in court was quiet. Mpombo greeted sympathisers as he was led to the court cell and assured them that “everything is going to be okay".

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