Thursday, August 05, 2010

Parties hold last campaigns in Luena

Parties hold last campaigns in Luena
By Mwala Kalaluka in Luena
Wed 04 Aug. 2010, 20:30 CAT

BUSINESS came to a stand still in Limulunga Royal Village this afternoon when the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) candidate in the Luena by-election, Charles Milupi, arrived from Mongu to address his last campaign rally.

And the MMD candidate in tomorrow’s (Thursday) by-election, Mwangala Maopu, said he has nothing to promise the people of Luena because it was they that knew their development needs.

Milupi’s motorcade arrived in Limulunga slightly before 14. 00 hours and it was received by hordes of cheering supporters that had been waiting at Limulunga Community School.

The procession took off for Luyanga Shopping Centre where the meeting was slated to take place and along the way they blocked the Limulunga-Mongu road, making it difficult for two construction vehicles that were taking materials for the Limulunga-Ushaa road project and other vehicles, to pass through.

Several other Limulunga residents joined the procession up to the meeting place shouting the ADD’s rain falling slogan of ‘cuuuu’.

When the procession passed through Limulunga Shopping area, some UPND cadres led by their deputy national spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa, raised their party symbol in the direction of the ADD procession.

Some ADD cadres were seen raising their folded and clasped hand party symbol in the direction of the UPND cadres.

However, the two groups kept their distance.

In his greeting remarks to the crowd, Milupi said the journey that had been started was now continuing.

“Tomorrow’s issue (election) is a small matter but we have to fulfil it,” said Milupi.

Milupi’s wife urged the people of Luena to cause ‘havoc’ in tomorrow’s polls.

An ADD cadre from the Copperbelt, Frank Mulonda, urged the crowd to burn the red ants that had attacked Milupi by voting for him.

Mulonda also told the people to get the money and food that they were being given and never to allow those people that were bribing them to go back with their stuff to Lusaka.

On the opposite side of the road, the MMD were also holding their last rally at the shop, which has been their campaign camp, since the commencement of campaigns in the by-election.

In his address to the sizeable crowd of MMD cadres, Maopu said he would not promise the people that he would bring stars from above so that they could be made into toys for children.

“The eight years that I stayed with you here is a long time. I came here a bachelor, I left as a married man,” Maopu said. “Today when I have left my job I have decided to come back to you so that you fulfil the words of the President and the Vice-President.”

Maopu said he did not have any promises to give the people of Luena.

“That when you elect me I will bring down stars,” he said. “Development is with you the people. It is you who know that you want. I will not beat myself on the chest and say I will bring this.”

Maopu said he would be someone willing to be sent by the people of Luena at anytime.

“I will go and lobby from where these things are found; to these people (MMD government leaders present) including our parent, the President,” said Maopu. “Whether they grant me my request or not I will not go there for good. But you can only send me if you vote for me.”

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