Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rupiah’s wish on Chibombamilimo has been fulfilled – Sata

Rupiah’s wish on Chibombamilimo has been fulfilled – Sata
By Patson Chilemba
Wed 11 Aug. 2010, 04:01 CAT

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata yesterday said the late Mpulungu MMD member of parliament Lameck Chibombamilimo was one of the first victims of President Rupiah Banda's viciousness.

Commenting on the death of Chibombamilimo in India following kidney complications, Sata said President Banda's wish to eliminate Chibombamilimo from the MMD had been fulfilled. He said he was saddened over the demise of Chibombamilimo.

"Chibombamilimo and Katuba MMD member of parliament Jonas Shakafuswa were the initial victims of Rupiah Banda's viciousness. And if they had not defended themselves in court they would have been out of Parliament. I am sure the President will be very happy to go and stand in Mpulungu," Sata said.

He said President Banda warned when he fired Chibombamilimo and Shakafuswa that apart from firing them, he would follow them to their constituencies and defeat them.

"He said ‘go and stand on the PF or The Post ticket. I will follow you where you are’. Now can he follow him where he is," he said.

Sata said Chibombamilimo had been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for a long time, but the government only made the decision to take him for specialist treatment in India after he (Sata) complained about the matter.

"The most unfortunate part is we have lost a gallant young man who because of negligence from the government has died. Government just decided to move after I had complained that he was in UTH," Sata said.

"Chibombamilimo and Shakafuswa were the first to receive Rupiah Banda's brutality, and he promised to follow them wherever they would go. And now we will see how he is going to follow Chibombamilimo."

Chibombamilimo died on Monday at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi around 07:30 hours.

President Banda fired Chibombamilimo as energy deputy minister during a rally at State House last year.

Addressing MMD cadres who marched to State House, President Banda dismissed Chibombamilimo and Shakafuswa as deputy ministers of energy and science and technology respectively.

President Banda vowed that he would not end at firing Chibombamilimo and Shakafuswa from government but would take them to the MMD national executive committee (NEC) and sack them from the party as well.

On the contradictions involving President Rupiah Banda and Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde on the transfer of the police top brass from the Copperbelt to Lusaka, Sata warned the MMD government to be careful because the police were with PF in the struggle.

"They government should wake up. Rupiah Banda is brutal and Rupiah Banda would like a brutal police. Rupiah Banda would like a police force, not a police service. The Zambia Police Service, they are not going to be brutal because Rupiah Banda wants them to be brutal. And who is George Kunda to be left the road for?" Sata asked.

Commenting on the transfer of the Copperbelt police commanding officer Antoneil Mutentwa and others from the Copperbelt, Kabonde said it was just a normal transfer process.

But President Banda said the officers had been transferred because of their conduct when they allowed Vice-President Kunda and Sata to use the same road recently in Ndola.

And Sata said he did not commit any wrong by commenting on the conviction and sentencing of Kafulafuta MMD member of parliament George Mpombo.

He said it was clear that the conviction was secured by President Banda.

"We are seeing what is happening. MMD are going scot-free. PF go to prison for three years, George Mpombo is incarcerated. And those are facts," said Sata.

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