Friday, March 11, 2011

(LUSAKATIMES) Be factual in PVT arguments — Speaker

Be factual in PVT arguments — Speaker
Friday, March 11, 2011, 8:48]

In Parliament yesterday Monze Central Member of Parliament (MP) Jack Mwiimbu (UPND) asked whether Justice Minister George Kunda was in order to keep quiet when ministers of Information and Foreign Affairs, Ronnie Shikapwasha and Kabinga Pande, respectively, had allegedly misinformed the nation over the raging parallel vote tabulation (PVT) debate.

Speaker of the National Assembly Amusaa Mwanamwambwa,who pointed out that he did not wish to usurp the powers of the Executive said: “This debate or debates on PVT is raging outside the House and indeed this House can claim a certain amount of interest in the matter in the sense that this House enacted the Constitution of Zambia and, among the creatures of the Constitution, is an authority known as ECZ.

“The Constitution assigned to ECZ powers and functions to carry out presidential, parliamentary and local government elections and once Parliament, through the Constitution, has assigned ECZ such powers,the House expects ECZ to discharge its functions and powers.”

Mr Mwanamwambwa said the matter at hand was of great magnitude but it would not help the House if he ruled definitely on it because there was no motion for the House to debate and vote.

The Speaker, however, advised MPs who wished to enter the fray of the public to do so freely, advising that they should be factual in their arguments.

“I will not muzzle anyone of you from expressing your opinions outside, join. There are lawyers here and I expect you to assist over this matter.

“I don’t want to enter into functions of the Government but those of you who have been members of the foreign service know the dos and don’ts in that diplomats in countries which they are accredited to are supposed to observe the laws,” Mr Mwanamwambwa said.

He said the protocols and etiquette befitting foreign envoys started as way back as 1848.

{Source -times of Zambia}

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