Friday, March 25, 2011

Nalikwanda UPND officials join PF

Nalikwanda UPND officials join PF
By George Chellah
Fri 25 Mar. 2011, 04:01 CAT

UPND Nalikwanda Constituency officials in Mongu have defected to PF following the crumbling of the PF-UPND pact. Nalikwanda Constituency UPND secretary Oscar Kabutu yesterday confirmed that they have decided to leave the UPND and join PF.

We have seen what HH has done and we are disappointed with his decision to pull out of the Pact,” Kabutu said. “That's why we have decided to join PF because UPND is a small party compared to PF.”

Kabutu said the officials have moved to PF with all branches and wards in Nalikwanda constituency.

“We met on Saturday as a constituency to decide, that’s why I came with a report to PF. I came yesterday from Nalikwanda to report the message,” Kabutu said. “I have written the same message to Mr Sata and I also sent the same message to Mr HH.”

Kabutu said the officials had even laid out a programme for PF officials to meet the UPND structures in Nalikwanda constituency. “All the people in Nalikwanda are happy with PF and UPND is going to die,” he said.

The officials that have defected are; Arista Muyumbwa constituency chairman, Oscar Kabutu secretary, Reuben Lubasi treasurer, Geogina Nakena chairlady, Mbingila Malesu vice-chairlady, Ernest Silukena Nakanya ward chairman and Kawila Samazuka Nakanya ward secretary.

And PF Western Province publicity secretary Maurice Litula also confirmed being in possession of a letter from the UPND officials in Nalikwanda constituency.

“I have the letter which is directed to the provincial publicity secretary PF Western Province and it is signed by Oscar Kabutu.

It’s a long letter but I can read it out to you.

Among the issues they are raising is that because of the collapse of the Pact, UPND members have nowhere to go and have no hope in the UPND,” Litula said. “They are also saying in this letter that they saw the tricks from UPND earlier and they are happy that they will go in this year's elections with ease outside the Pact. They have even attached the names of the leaders that have left UPND.”

On Wednesday, eight members of the UPND top leadership in Western Province resolved to endorse Michael Sata for presidency after the break up of the Pact saying UPND president Hakainde Hichilema never consulted them when he decided to pull out of the Pact.

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