Saturday, March 12, 2011

We are finished in W/Province - MMD councillor

We are finished in W/Province - MMD councillor
By Roy Habaalu
Sat 12 Mar. 2011, 04:00 CAT

The MMD is finished in Western Province, says Mongu's Mulambwa ward MMD councillor, Mwenda Lishebo. Lishebo said it would be folly for the MMD to think all was well for the party in Western Province.

He said there was nothing sinister about Mongu Catholic Diocese Bishop Paul Duffy's statement on the state of the MMD in Western Province and challenged the party to critically analyse the political situation on the ground.

“It will be folly to think that Western Province is a stronghold for us (MMD). It will be a different ball game altogether. Speaking for myself, the views of our Bishop are more of a warning to any fair-minded person looking at the way things are taking root in Western Province and Mongu in particular,” said Lishebo, in apparent reference to the riots that resulted in the deaths of two people recently.

He wondered what strategy the MMD would engage to convince people in the area before Parliament was dissolved ahead of this year's elections.

“There is a perceived desire for the people to go for change and it should not be underplayed or ignored in totality. Some views given go to the roots of the matter in terms of development,” he said.

He said Bishop Duffy was on the ground and spoke for the people.

Bishop Duffy recently said MMD was finished in Western Province and that it was time for change.

Lishebo said the MMD would be giving ammunition to the opposition if it didn't fulfil its promises to the people of Western Province.

“When I've been talking about these things, they've been suspending me. These are some of the issues that are now coming out. Let's not say all is well because all is not well. There are challenges,” he said.

Lishebo said people were frustrated by the continued misapplication of developmental funds yet no action was being taken against culprits.

“There has been laxity especially on the part of the council. How I wish my
government could be pro-active and prosecute cases of misapplication of funds to ensure that cases are followed so that monies and property are recovered. As long as government doesn't pursue these matters, government has every reason to be worried,” said Lishebo.

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