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(TALKZIMBABWE) MDC Congress marred by violence

MDC Congress marred by violence
Posted by By Our reporter at 28 April, at 20 : 10 PM Print

The MDC-T National Congress which started in Bulawayo today has been marred by violence, vote-buying and rigging. Theresa Makone, who is vying to retain the National Women’s Assembly chair, allegedly wielding influence on some MDC-T youths to thwart her rival Editor Matamisa’s efforts to take over the powerful post.

She is said to have threatened to close or take over the MDC-T headquarters Harvest House if not elected as she has been bankrolling activities there and paying for all bills.

At the race to elect a new executive for the MDC-T at the on-going congress in Bulawayo, violence has continued to rear its ugly head.

Journalists, who are part of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation crew which is covering the event, were heavily attacked by some thugs from the MDC-T party.

The crew was denied accreditation which was only given to private media journalists sympathetic to the MDC-T.

They were later force marched out of Barbourfields Stadium, the venue of the MDC-T Congress.

Reports coming from the Congress show that elections for the Women Assembly Chair have been hit by massive vote buying and rigging with the Theresa Makone family allegedly being on the forefront.

Makone is eyeing to retain control of the Women’s Assembly and has threatened to take back the Party’s headquarters Harvest House if she is not re-elected.

Kadoma House of Assembly member, Editor Matamisa, who wants to wrestle the post from Makone said in a telephone interview that her rival is using everything at her disposal to retain the post, splashing money and handing out special gifts to lure votes.

The Makone family is alleged to have resorted to use of violence to wield influence over her challenger.

Matamisa alleges people are reportedly fed up of her bossful nature.

Matamisa also revealed that the issue of Harvest House has come under the spotlight with delegates demanding answers and clarification on logic of registering the MDC-T headquarters in the name of the Makone family.

Observers noted that this issue of Harvest House could split the part apart as delegates are reportedly breathing fire about what they described as high level of looting the party’s properties by the Makone family.

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