Saturday, July 30, 2011

Teacher gets suspended for supporting Sata

Teacher gets suspended for supporting Sata
By Misheck Wangwe in Solwezi West
Sat 30 July 2011, 13:59 CAT

A teacher in Solwezi has been suspended for allegedly campaigning for the Patriotic Front. According to a letter which was signed by Solwezi District Education Board secretary Steward Frederick Munkinyi, Steward Kanyanda, a teacher at Manyama Basic School had been suspended for, among other offences, secretly campaigning for the PF with the view of standing as a member of parliament for the opposition party.

In the letter, Munkinyi stated that the conduct of Kanyanda was contrary to the Cabinet circular of 1995 on the political conduct and discipline of the public servants.

“On unnamed dates you confessed to both the headteacher and deputy head for Manyama Basic School that you were campaigning for the opposition PF. This is contrary to the expected conduct. Public servants must remain non-partisan and should not actively engage in politics,” the letter read in part.

But Kanyanda has vowed to continue sensitising people on the need for change of government.

He said the move by the Ministry of Education to suspend him was total intimidation because teachers that had openly declared their support for President Rupiah Banda and the MMD were never punished over their political affiliation.

“It is sad that things have turned out to be like this. Everyone has a right to support a political party of their choice. Why haven’t they suspended teachers that have openly supported the MMD and President Banda? Anyway, that will never take away anything from me. I will support the PF and its leader Michael Sata,” said Kanyanda.

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