Friday, August 19, 2011

Tourism expert questions US unrest warning

Tourism expert questions US unrest warning
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Thu 18 Aug. 2011, 21:20 CAT

ZAMBIA has always been an oasis of peace which has even been used by all our neighbouring countries in the quest for freedom in the region, says a tourism expert.

In an interview, Kingsley Lilamono, the Livingstone Tourism Association (LTA) president, said there was no need for the US State Department to issue a warning to
its citizens of the potential unrest in view of the September 20 elections.

“We have been a peaceful country since independence and have never had any civil war, the Americans are fully aware of this. We have been an oasis of peace and we have been used by all our neighbouring countries during the liberation struggle,” Lilamono said.

He said Zambia has always resolved its political differences amicably without violence and the security system was alert to deal with any sign of unrest.

“We are very peaceful people; we as LTA don’t expect that we would have any form of problems during this year’s elections. We have had elections since 1964 and never had any problems, if any they have been dealt with amicably by the courts of law,” said Lilamono.

According to a travel advisory posted on the United States Department of State website, US citizens who are planning to travel to Zambia during or immediately after the elections have been advised to monitor news and assess local conditions when making plans to travel.

The Zambia Tourism Board has since said the move by the US could hurt the domestic tourism sector as US ranks among the top sources of Zambia’s tourists.



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