Saturday, October 08, 2011

MPs cheer Dora Siliya

MPs cheer Dora Siliya
By Chibaula Silwamba
Fri 07 Oct. 2011, 14:40 CAT

MEMBERS of parliament yesterday cheered Dora Siliya as she made her way to vote for Speaker in the Chambers while information minister Ronnie Shikapwasha was called ‘Chanda Chimba', likening him to freelance journalist Chanda Chimba III.

In their inaugural gathering in the House since their election last month, parliamentarians burst into cheers when former education minister and MMD Petauke Central member of parliament Siliya's name was called to cast her vote for the Speaker.

Siliya, who was dressed in a cream white body fitting suit and a matching Queen's hat, stood up and after leaving her seat, turned around facing her neighbour Kunda and posed for the ruling PF legislators, much to the amusement of the members.

Her action attracted more laughter as information minister Given Lubinda shouted: ‘bokosi! buttocks!"as everyone joined in the laughter.

Siliya won parliamentary re-election in her campaigns where she was urging voters to admire her buttocks.

In trying to tell men not to engage in homosexuality which she had accused the PF of advancing, Siliya was often telling male voters to admire her beautiful and soft buttocks and not their fellow men's.

When Lt Gen Shikapwasha's name was called, PF parliamentarians shouted: "Chanda Chimba! Chanda Chimba!"

Lt Gen Shikapwasha, as minister of information in the Rupiah Banda-government, was a supporter of freelance journalist Chanda Chimba III, who produced hate-speech laced documentaries prior to the September 20 tripartite elections that ended the MMD's 20-year reign.

Some MMD and UPND parliamentarians called PF nominated parliamentarian and Eastern Province minister Solomon Mbuzi "ambuya! grandfather!"

The parliamentarians remarked: "No weapons allowed here" in reference to Mbuzi's walking stick.

But in response, a joyful Mbuzi, who is around 76 years old, raised the PF symbol towards the UPND and MMD parliamentarians.

As home affairs minister Kennedy Sakeni, who is also Mansa Central member of parliament, was walking to the polling booth, PF MPs shouted ‘boma! boma! government! government!' while foreign affairs minister Chishimba Kambwili shouted: "Shikapwasha mwaikatwa, mwakakwa Shikapwasha you are arrested".

Vice-President Guy Scott, Lubinda, defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba and other PF ministers received cheers from their fellow PF members that also shouted: "boma! boma!"

Vice-President Scott proceeded to shake hands with his predecessor Kunda.

Meanwhile, as he was going to vote, UPND's Kalomo Central member of parliament Request Muntanga shouted: "Don't kubeba!"

The session was mainly joyful though most former ministers looked sombre.

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