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(HERALD) Tough times lie ahead for ANC

COMMENT - Take with a barrel of salt. There are not a lot of provable statements in this article.

Tough times lie ahead for ANC
Friday, 30 March 2012 00:00
Udo W. Froese

South Africa’s “Sunday Times” reported on Sunday, March 25 2012, “Phosa warns of Arab Spring in SA”. This year is South Africa’s ruling ANC’s presidential year. In the build-up to the Conference in Mangaung (Bloemfontein, Free State Province) in December, a certain force is out to discredit and undermine the movement from within.

As re-called, former president Thabo Mbeki’s brother, public speaker Moeletsi Mbeki, warned of a so-called “Arab Spring”, which would result in a criminal “regime change”, so did ANC treasurer-general Mathews Phosa, last Friday, March 23 2012, in Durban at the launch of the ruling party’s book, “Unity in Diversity”.

The Pseudo-Militants and the Agents Provocateurs spin a “North African-style Arab Spring” for South Africa. Phosa cautioned of a “North African-style Arab Spring”, if “government does not effectively tackle the rising unemployment among the youth”. The treasurer-general is still positioned in the top six of the ANC hierarchy.

Like his comrades, Human Settlements Minister and ANC NEC member, Tokyo Sexwale, and expelled, former ANCYL president, Julius Malema, Phosa has a problem with the president of the ANC and head of state of the country, Jacob Zuma. Together, they play musical chairs in attacking the ANC leadership and the government.

Together with their men in the shadows, they push for the ANC deputy president, Kgalema Motlanthe, to become the next president in December this year. As reported in one of my previous pieces, a so-called “Arab Spring” with subsequent “Regime Change” would be in South African legal terms, when the fine line between democracy and High Treason is being crossed, an act of High Treason. This could unleash an uncontrollable, nation-wide civil unrest.

South Africa today is a product of the revolution of the people of this country. The glib statement on a so-called “North African-style Arab Spring” from a Mathews Phosa would seem a direct challenge to the ANC, the government, its president and the people, who sacrificed for their revolution.

An elder ANC stalwart observed, “Phosa seems to serve his old masters.” To this day the ANC Intelligence openly talks about Mathews Phosa being an “agent provocateur and a pseudo-militant”.

Ever-Popular Chris Hani’s Murder Not Put To Rest.

Confirmed reports reveal, the late, former Head of the ANC Intelligence, Joe Nhlanhla, lobbied furiously for his position. That focused move had never been experienced in the history of the movement before.

It resulted in the demise of ANC stalwart, Mswandile Philiso. Reliable reports further observe, “as soon as Nhlanhla was installed as Head of Intelligence, he started weakening the ANC’s Intelligence”.

Another highly reliable source informed this writer, “A week-and-a-half before Chris Hani was murdered, Joe Nhlanhla had spread the rumour that Chris Hani was an informer”. The source further tells, “Hani responded by calling for a meeting with Nhlanhla in the same week he (Hani) was shot.” It is public knowledge that Chris Hani was assassinated on the Saturday of the Easter Weekend of 1993. It is reliably understood that within one hour of Chris Hani’s assassination, the ANC Intelligence had caught one of his murderers. They were in hot-pursuit of his accomplice.

The reliable information adds, “Joe Nhlanhla was asked to investigate this murder. He called Mathews Phosa to oversee the case. Then both, the ANC Intelligence and the case were marginalised.

From then on Phosa muddied the waters. He merely hampered the investigation and finally stopped it.”

This writer was told, “A small Fifth Column within the ANC does exist. But, it is without any broad base whatsoever. It focuses, however, on the destruction of the ANC from within.”

During the discussion this writer had with the late Steve Tshwete, the senior cabinet minister admitted having made a mistake by accusing senior ANC stalwart Cyril Ramaphosa of plotting together with Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa to overthrow former, re-called president Thabo Mbeki.

Tshwete told this writer towards the end of his life that he regretted having mentioned Ramaphosa at all, as “he proved to be a fine political leader and astute businessman with a solid reputation”. But Tshwete insisted to his grave that Mathews Phosa and Tokyo Sexwale were agents’ provocateurs. No one could convince the late stalwart otherwise.

* Udo W. Froese is an independent political and socio-economic analyst and published columnist, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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