Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dora's standing in jeopardy

Dora's standing in jeopardy
By Kombe Chimpinde
Thu 05 Apr. 2012, 13:55 CAT

MMD national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe says he is considering tabling the issue of whether or not Dora Siliya must remain as party spokesperson in view of her court case in which she has been accused of abusing public office. And Maj Kachingwe says the MMD will not appeal the court judgment of the Chama North election petition.

In an interview, Maj Kachingwe said Siliya's matter was a moral issue that was of interest to the party and that her fate would be tabled before the National Executive Committee (NEC) and acted upon until her case was cleared.

Siliya, who is also MMD Petauke member of parliament, is facing another case where a losing PF candidate petitioned her election.

"(MMD) party members have a right to air their opinions and I can only put that to NEC to understand the scope. It (her remaining party spokesperson) is a little bit tricky because there is also an element which it could be a moral issue on the party, but we will look at it," he Kachingwe said.

And Maj Kachingwe said the party had resolved not appeal the judgment in court election petition of Chama North which was held by Darious Mumba, saying doing so would be a waste of time.

He, however, said the party would appeal the outcome of Mkushi North parliamentary petition, a seat that was won by Mutale Musonda.

"We will definitely appeal for Mkushi North, Lukulu. We are a bit uncomfortable with Chama North because of the conduct of the member of parliament there. He behaves like one who has no parents, when we (MMD) are supposed to be the parents," Major Kachingwe said.

"We will proceed with quickly identifying a candidate as a party. When I say conduct I mean (lack of) allegiance to the party. Of late, the member (Musonda) has not been in good standing with the party so we feel restrained in investing in people who do not appreciate."

He also said the party would participate in the coming by-elections despite their financial challenges.

"The party has a lot of membership. The strength of any party is the membership. The members can decide to fund the party. If you have seen the sources of our party funds, its contributions from members. So the members will contribute," he said.

Meanwhile, Maj Kachingwe said the MMD has welcomed former party and Republican vice-president Enoch Kavindele's intention to enter the race for the presidency of the party.

"The MMD brought democracy to our party. We practice both intra and inter-party democracy, so we welcome any move. So the intentions of his honour the former vice-president, is very welcome, in fact on our record he is the last vice-president of MMD," said Maj Kachingwe.

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