Friday, June 29, 2012

HH is a frustrated soul - Walamba

HH is a frustrated soul - Walamba
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe and Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Fri 29 June 2012, 13:24 CAT

UPND founder member Timothy Walamba says Hakainde Hichilema has become a disgrace to Zambian politics. In an interview in Kitwe, Walamba who was the chairperson for labour in the UPND during the time of late Anderson Mazoka, challenged senior members of the party to get rid of Hichilema if they meant well for Zambia.

Walamba said Zambia does not deserve a frustrated politician who had clearly shown his personal hatred for President Michael Sata and his government.

He said the recent utterances by the UPND leader where he likened President Sata's leadership to that of a hyena without a plan, claims that the PF government was training militias in Sudan and his recent attacks that Zambians were asking for milk from a stone by thinking that the President would develop the country were embarrassing to members of his party and the opposition as a whole.

He said petty politics and personal hatred for President Sata would not take Hichilema and the UPND to State House in 2016 as the electorate were enlightened and only interested in issue-based politics.

"Hakainde must quit politics if he cannot come to terms with the fact that Michael Sata is now President of Zambia. Hichilema is a frustrated soul and has become an embarrassment to Zambian politics. He is not adding value to the political arena," Walamba said.

He said Hichilema had injured many people in his unwarranted attacks against the President and in his quest to attract public sympathy and gain political mileage.

Walamba said the UPND leader had lost the little confidence that some Zambians had in him as he had only remained with few disgruntled and frustrated cadres in his party.

He said UPND members would have gotten rid of Hichilema if they meant well for Zambia.

"Insulting President Michael Sata, The Post, and everyone he (Hichilema) perceives to be his enemies will not help his political career. He has no integrity left and I wonder why those who are still in the UPND can't see that the young man is taking the party nowhere but making it unpopular each day that comes," Walamba said.

He said Zambians must not entertain malicious alarmists like Hichilema who recently claimed that the PF government was training militias in Sudan as such utterances had the potential to cause panic and chaos in the country.

"The time when I was in UPND I never heard of Hichilema. The man knows nothing about politics in Zambia, that's why he has destroyed the values on which the party was formed and destroyed the reputation of the opposition. The money he claims to have will not feed Zambia. We must demand better politics from the current opposition, not politics of frustration," Walamba said.

Meanwhile, Given Lubinda says the 'chimbwi no plan' remark by Hichilema was an
insult to the Zambians who voted for President Sata as it implied that they were also hyenas.

Speaking on arrival at the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport, Lubinda who is foreign affairs and tourism minister said he was saddened that the UPND was turning Livingstone into a battlefield.

"If President Sata is a chimbwi, then the people who elected him are chimbwis. I'm sure they people will remember that when they vote on July 5," Lubinda said.

Lubinda said Hichilema should drink down his bitterness over the loss of the Presidential elections with a glass of water and be peaceful.

"We are not hooligans and will not entertain violence. Let us work hard to send messages to the people of what we are capable of doing. I will not take kindly to violence because we have already established ourselves as a peaceful country," Lubinda said.

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