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(GRTV - VIDEO) Timely Massacre? Pushing Russia and China to Change Syria Stance - Neil Clark

Timely Massacre? Pushing Russia and China to Change Syria Stance - Neil Clark (Guardian UK)
Posted on: August 28, 2012
by grtv

Activists have accused Syrian security forces of killing more than 300 people in the town of Daraya, near the capital. The government says it carried out an anti-terror operation in the area. Britain responded to the alleged massacre, arguing that it highlighted the urgent need for international action against Assad.

Journalist Neil Clark told RT that every time he hears of another crime allegedly committed by the Assad regime, he experiences a sense of déjà vu.

“It’s pretty clear that there’s an agenda here; it’s to blacken the Syrian government’s name, and to use it as another pretext for intervention. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again, I’m afraid.”

Clark pointed out that massacres always seem to happen just before an important UN meeting “and we’ve got to ask ourselves why.”

“It’s all about the likes of William Hague and Hillary Clinton trying to put pressure on Russia and China to change their positions. And so before we get any independent verification of what’s gone on, we get these calls from these hawks that say look, Assad’s murdering his own people, we’ve got to intervene,” he said.

“And then when the dust settles then we find a bit more information, it’s not as clear-cut as it appeared to be. Later on we find that actually the rebels were responsible for much of the killing then. It wasn’t clear-cut. So we’ve got to be very, very wary.”

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