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HH is raw - Nawakwi 'Hichilema is a male chauvinist pig'

HH is raw - Nawakwi 'Hichilema is a male chauvinist pig'
By Kombe Chimpinde and Abigail Chaponda
Fri 14 Sep. 2012, 10:20 CAT

EDITH Nawakwi says Hakainde Hichilema is a male chauvinist 'pig' who has no regard for hardworking housewives and marketeers. And Syvia Masebo says she feels sorry for Hichilema because the type of politics he is playing will not get him to State House.

Reacting to Hichilema's verbal attacks on her, Nawakwi, who is Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader, said Hichilema was a male chauvinist that belonged to the dust bin of the Stone Age. Hichilema on Wednesday described Nawakwi as a hired gun of the PF, who seemed to have run out of meals to cook in the kitchen.

Hichilema asked Nawakwi to confine herself to the kitchen and stop attacking him.

"This girl Nawakwi, who is saying Hakainde has done this, Hakainde has done that...What has Hakainde done? Nawakwi the hired gun for the PF. That is all she is," Hichilema said.

He wondered why Nawakwi was advising the MMD that he could not be trusted to work in the coming Mufumbwe by-election, when he was magnanimous towards the MMD when it came to sharing seats.

"That little girl did not say anything. It's too much of this Nawakwi. Please if you have run out of what to cook in the kitchen, go and look for something at the market," said Hichilema.

But Nawakwi said in an interview that Hichilema's outbursts had actually proved her assertions that he was not fit to be President of Zambia and could not sit with any one and agree on a programme.

"What he has recanted in today's (yesterday's) paper is exactly what he said to my face when I was his vice-president in UDA, that I could not lead (UDA) because I was a woman," she disclosed.

Nawakwi said Hichilema was a young naive man who belonged to the dust bin of the Stone Age, stressing that, "in that age, the likes of Hakainde can only be described as male chauvinist pigs who have no regard for the hard working housewives and marketeers that are so pivotal in the management of national affairs."

"He is arguing that why are you talking about Mufumbwe? I was not talking about Mufumbwe. I was talking about the fact that he is not a person anyone can sit with to agree on a programme. The issue is not about whether Hakainde is beautiful or he's polygamist or not," she said.
Nawakwi said she was at pains to understand the hatchet that Hichilema's wife went through to keep with him because he was an extremely self-opinionated person.

"I actually even wonder what type of life my sister (Hichilema's wife) has, because Hakainde is an extremely self opinionated male chauvinist pig. I was not talking about his bedroom when I talked about him. I am not interested," Nawakwi said.

"Hakainde expects that he can be derogatory to women, marketeers mothers and women in the kitchen like me who are the very fabric that forms the core of our country and turn around in the same breath and demand that women should stand up and support his ego trip!" she wondered.

"I want to say to the women of Zambia whom Hakainde holds in contempt to keep away from this man who does not have a shred of respect for even his own mother. His outbursts elaborate what I have said in the past that he grew up a troubled child and it is now in the open obviously we all know that he used to walk from Bweengwa to Kalomo to go to secondary school and those long walks, you don't expect a person to come up smiling. He has a difficult up-bringing and it shows when you relate to other people.
His character cannot be hidden. This is the true Hakainde. Tilyenji is my witness."

Nawakwi cautioned Hichilema that he was no match to her on the political scene.
"He calls me a girl, but this girl, has been minister of finance, minister of energy, minister of agriculture. This girl who is older than him, a marketeer and kitchen engineer and the same girls are Hakainde's mothers. Hakainde is a naive young man who has never even held the office of a ward councillor," Nawakwi said.

"He propelled himself to the leadership of UPND through sheer opportunism and fantasised that he was going to ride on the wave of popularity of FDD and UPND. While not having grown up in his mind, in his naivety he thought without my input in the campaign, he would just use this same platform of 'she is a woman, she is in the kitchen, she is a marketeer and dream that he will ever be President!"

Nawakwi said Hichilema was an opportunist, who at the demise of Mazoka jumped on the presidential race and imposed and appointed himself as administrator of the estate of UPND, which he could not take beyond what he found.
"HH cannot equate himself to me. I am more qualified and politically astute than him," she said.
She said due to his ego, the presidency eluded him in 2006, 2008 and 2011 and it would continue to elude him now.

Nawakwi added that Hichilema had nothing to show for his political curriculum vitae, as his work experience only spun in a private company for three years.
"He has to go back to the basics and learn how to be a politician. His ranting spells his exit. He does not inspire anyone, not even himself. Hakainde only worked for three years, in what he so calls the corporate world," Nawakwi said.
"Let the country judge whether that is experience enough to be given the leadership of a Republic such as ours. Let those also in the kitchen make a decision on who is capable to lead the country. According to him, when you are in a skirt, your only good is to cook food for him. I repeat Hakainde is a mere chancer. He has been to every political party. FDD, UNIP, PF, MMD, anything that smells. Now he is in an alliance with ULP, (for Sakwiba Sikota) that is a mark of opportunism."

Nawakwi said Hichilema was raw.
"He is saying I am gun of PF, did he hire me in 2006? You see the problem with Hakainde is if I had gone to be in league with MMD, he would say the same thing. It is only good for him and not for others to be in an alliance. If he is in an alliance with MMD, what stops me from being in an alliance with another political party? You mean they hired him when he worked with PF? Because he was shooting at Rupiah Banda, they hired him?" asked Nawakwi.
And Masebo, who is tourism and arts minister, said tribal talks and insults will not help Hichilema advance his political career.

"Insults and tribal talks are worse and they will not take him (Hichilema) anywhere. The kind of politics he is displaying will not get him to State House," she said.
Masebo said Hichilema did not have any direction in his political career and that if an election was held today, NAREP president Elias Chipimo stood a better chance to win than him.

"I really feel sorry for my brother Hichilema, he is really losing it. His political career lacks direction. If today an election was held between him and young Chipimo, I am telling you that young Chipimo would win because HH has managed to de-campaign himself through insults he was pouring on people," she said.
Masebo said she felt sorry for Hichilema because he was missing the point in the way he was offering checks and balances to the government.
"I feel HH is missing the point. He thinks by insulting and delivering tribal speeches, he is offering checks and balances to the PF government, No! That is not the way it works. There are a lot of issues that he can raise with the government, let him talk about constructive issues," she said.

Masebo said the UPND national executive should look at the people who surrounded Hichilema and the type of advice they were giving him.
And Masebo said she did not appreciate male politicians heaping insults on their female counterparts.

She said politics of insults showed how shallow Hichilema was.
"Politics of insults, especially on women politicians, shows how shallow that person (Hichilema) is. I don't like people who think that women can't do it, they think insulting a woman will make her keep quiet, that is wrong," she said.
Masebo said Nawakwi was a strong person and the fact that she has not become president did not mean she was not a good political leader.

"I want to tell HH that these are just politics. No one knows what tomorrow brings. People have come and gone, I have worked with different kinds of people and here I am, if I was behaving like HH, would I be here? HH is really losing it," said Masebo.

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