Thursday, October 11, 2012

PF MP urges govt to purge itself of wrongdoers

PF MP urges govt to purge itself of wrongdoers
By Mwala Kalaluka and Ernest Chanda
Thu 11 Oct. 2012, 14:00 CAT

A PF member of parliament says the party has to rid itself of wrongdoers within the government ranks if it is to correct the mistakes made by the MMD.

And former commerce minister Felix Mutati says the MMD is not in a hurry to supplant the PF from office but that it will seize every opportunity to remind them that they should not make unfulfilled promises.

During debate on President Michael Sata's speech delivered to the House last week, Chilubi PF member of parliament Obby Chisala said on Tuesday that no wrongdoer in the government should be spared.

"Some of us are not privileged to have access to His Excellency the President. Time for us is now to correct the mistakes the MMD made," said Chisala. "Let us not spare any wrongdoer in the government. Let us get rid of them. We only have a few years to go."

Chisala said the wrongdoers should be hounded out because they still harboured hatred against the government.

"We still have some permanent secretaries, directors and other senior government officials who still harbour hatred against our government," said Chisala.

"I urge His Excellency the President that time is now to get rid of these people because some of them are ineffective, corrupt and they want to bring this government down."

Defence deputy minister Davies Mwila said in his contribution that those from the MMD and the UPND that declared that Michael Sata would never be President had today swallowed their words.

"Michael Sata is President and nothing will change that," Mwila said. "Our colleagues the MMD, including the UPND... they told the people of Zambia that Sata will never rule this country."

Mwila said those opposition members of parliament that had declared on the floor of the House that they were not going to work with President Sata and the PF were doing so to their own detriment.

Pambashe PF member of parliament and labour deputy minster Ronald Chitotela said he was very happy to be part of a hardworking government.

"We are not going to subject Zambians to what we went through," said Chitotela.

But Monze UPND member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu said the PF had departed from the principles that it championed together with the UPND when they were in opposition.

Mwiimbu said there were certain core values that both parties believed they would implement once any of them assumed the country's governance.

"While we were together on this side, the PF and ourselves used to lament and pray to the government of the MMD that the rule of law should prevail in this country," he said. "We used to collectively condemn the MMD."

However, some PF members of parliament told Mwiimbu that the issues he was raising were now water under the bridge.

Mwiimbu in response said it was up to the PF to take or ignore the advice from the opposition.

"Our colleagues MMD used to behave the same way you are doing, maybe even worse, and they are on the other side," said Mwiimbu.

And Mutati said the PF had been orbiting away from the reality on the ground since they took over office a year ago.

"Our colleagues in government have been orbiting and they need to come down and deal with the difficult choices," Mutati said. "We on this side are not in a hurry to supplant our colleagues on the other side but we remain anxious and seize the opportunity to restrain our friends from the unwavering propensity of making promises which are unfulfilled."

Mutati said appeasement and consistent change of concepts has never been a long-term investment and that the government should deal with the things that would create jobs whilst focusing on the medium and long-term objectives.

"There is no magical solution, apart from hard work and dealing with things in an orderly manner," said Mutati.

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