Monday, December 24, 2012

More treacherous leaders will go - Wynter

More treacherous leaders will go - Wynter
By Roy Habaalu
Mon 24 Dec. 2012, 14:40 CAT

WYNTER Kabimba says more treacherous leaders will be hounded out of PF. And the Patriotic Front (PF) has constituted a disciplinary committee to look into all disciplinary cases, including that of foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda.

Meanwhile, Kabimba has advised PF cadres against blocking Lubinda from going for work today but instead let the due process take its course.

During a fundraising braii for Chilanga district on Saturday, Kabimba, who is PF secretary general, said leaders in the party must know that they were not senior to party members.

"You have heard a lot of stories being twisted. A lot of distortions that I am trying to hound people in this party. People that don't want to atone for their own sins and situations they have created for themselves. I have no reason, objective to hound anybody out of this party. People will hound themselves out. They will not be hounded by me. They will be hounded out by the membership that want to protect this party," he said.

Kabimba said if the party didn't cleanse itself, the future would be bleak and called on the membership to unite and defend its interests.
He said the party could only be strong if its followers were disciplined, willing and able to defend it.

"The party is extremely important and anybody who tries to frustrate the party, the party must act to protect itself. The party is going through a defining moment. This is the moment for the party to strengthen and protect its values, ideology and vision. This moment may not be easy dear comrades because it will require fighting off those that may want to distort the values and vision of the party. It's because of this reality that I call upon you to defend this party and protect it against those that want to shift it from its original purposes and ideas for which it was founded," he said.

Kabimba said PF existed for the poor and was founded on the values of comradeship, fellowship, empathy, equality, equal opportunities and solidarity.
He said there were people in PF that didn't share its noble values and were bound to fight the leadership because they were blinded by their desires for power and wealth.

"And they will put up a spirited fight against those of us who want to protect these values. We don't even underestimate these people's ability to twist the truth and turn the sympathy of our people in their favour. The President, myself and all other committed leaders in this party are willing to withstand attacks and malice for the sake of the truth and our party. We are prepared to be called names for protecting this great party because by defending the values of the party…because by doing so, we are protecting the interests of the Zambian people at large," he said.

And Kabimba said anyone in breach of the party's regulations would be dealt with in accordance with its rules and regulations.

"Anyone that is erring, anyone that goes wrong, anyone that is in breach of the regulations and discipline shall be dealt with in accordance with the rules of this party and the process that we have put in place. We should allow this due process to take its course and I am referring in particular to the disciplinary proceedings that some of our members are facing today. Allow the process to go through so that we are seen to be a civilised political organisation, so that you are not blamed to be circumventing the process of discipline that is laid down in your party," he said.

" In fact, a disciplinary committee has already been constituted to look at all pending disciplinary cases and therefore I would like you to exercise patience. Don't lock out anybody from their office, don't take anybody from their office and become permanent secretary. Kabwata constituency chairman David Silubanje, mwatelela? have you heard). The process of discipline itself will do what you want to do.

" I know how you strongly feel. I know how you would feel to be betrayed and to see your party being betrayed but please, let us follow the due process as outlined in the party's rules and regulations. You shall still arrive at the same answer. If people are wrong, the answer will be the same. So instead of getting your answer on Monday, you may get it on Friday but the answer will be the same; don't be in a hurry. I am sure you have taken note."

Kabimba said ministers that don't serve the interests of the poor on which the party was founded may not last in the government.

"If you miss that point, you may not last in this government and this party has eyes everywhere. It has grown. So even if you want to meet somebody who is UPND in America, we shall know just after that meeting. You don't know how many people in MMD and UPND want to join PF, so just be careful whom you talk to. You may be talking to a potential PF member. This is a very tricky industry. Just be careful," warned Kabimba.

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