Sunday, January 27, 2013

City University students demand refunds

City University students demand refunds
By Namatama Mundia
Sun 27 Jan. 2013, 11:10 CAT

STUDENTS at City University have demanded to be refunded their monies after their institution was declared illegal by the General Nursing Council.

The students accused MMD vice-president for administration Dr Brian Chituwo of running an illegal nursing school.

The students, who stormed The Post Newspaper offices yesterday, said the General Nursing Council (GNC) last week told them that the university was illegal because it had not been registered by the council, the regulator of nursing schools in the country.

"The City University students were shocked to learn that after paying over KR6,000 per student as tuition fees, our institution is illegal. When officials from the General Nursing Council came to address us, to our surprise all lecturers ran away," said one of the students' representatives.

The students said the university, situated at former Precem Motel in Kabangwe area, was run by Dr Chituwo and Dr Patrick Chanda.

They appealed to President Michael Sata to help them recover the money they paid to the institution.
Efforts to get Dr Brian Chituwo, whom the students claimed was the owner of the university, proved futile as his phone went unanswered.

And a GNC officer, who was among officers who went to address the students, refused to give any information.

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