Friday, January 25, 2013

Corruption should be made an unbeneficial undertaking - ACC

Corruption should be made an unbeneficial undertaking - ACC
By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Thu 24 Jan. 2013, 14:00 CAT

THE Anti-Corruption Commission in Eastern Province says corruption should be made an unbeneficial undertaking.

Speaking during the gender-based violence and corruption training organised by the Young Women Christian Association on Tuesday, ACC provincial community education officer George Kanguya said if corruption was made an unbeneficial undertaking, many people would desist from engaging in such activities.

Kanguya who presented a paper on the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) protocol on corruption said there were some laws like confiscation of the proceeds of crime that had been put in place to make corruption an unbeneficial undertaking.

He said the fight against corruption called for strong morals adding that the fight was "not for the weak hearted".

"We want corruption to be made a non-profitable venture and this is the reason why we have come up with this issue of confiscating proceeds of crime. You know without this law, one can build a hotel as a proceed of a crime but if this hotel is not confiscated the owner can go to prison and come back, the hotel can continue operating. Now, in that case what is the impact?" he asked.

Kanguya said confiscation of proceeds of crime could act as a good deterrent. He urged people to take keen interest in fighting corruption.

"You know if a crime is profitable then people would continue committing it, so we are trying by all means to make corruption non-profitable," he said.

An officer from the police child-protection unit appealed to parents and guardians to take full control of their children, so that they do not go on the street.

Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Mapiki-Konayuma said parents should not lose their mandate of responsibility for their homes.

Konayuma said being future leaders, children must be taken to school and brought up in a responsible manner.

"The issue is that if we don't take care of these children in our homes, then we will be depriving them of their right to develop into responsible citizens who will in turn develop this country. My other appeal is that the parents should discourage early marriages because they are not good for the children," he said.

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