Friday, January 18, 2013

Let young people play a role in development - Mwewa

Let young people play a role in development - Mwewa
By Moses Kuwema
Fri 18 Jan. 2013, 13:40 CAT

YOUNG African Leaders Initiative president Andrew Ntewewe says Zambia will only stand on the path of economic development by letting young people play an effective role in national development.

Commenting on defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba's statement that any country that does not attend to the needs of the youths is on a self-destruction path, Ntewewe said it was true that a nation that does not consider its young people does not look at its own future.

"It will be on a self destruction path because the young people as we know them, have a lot of energy, skills and these young people are the ones that are supposed to be the backbone for national development.

They are supposed to play a key role in all areas of human endeavor. In particular in terms of economic development, they are supposed to use their energy for purposes of developing our industry and tapping
our resources so that Zambia can truly become politically and economically independent," he said.

Ntewewe said young people are the ones who could define the destiny and future of the country.

He said the number of youths was constantly on the increase and there was need for them to be engaged in national development of the country.

"If we do not look at these young people and ensure that they can effectively participate in our democratic system of government in ensuring that there is economic development and they play that role
then we are failing our own country because we are missing out on this great potential and skill that young people have," he said.

Ntewewe said the government has the responsibility of looking at the potential of the young people and harness it for the future of the country.

During the official opening of the intake 04/2012 of the youth training programme at Chiwoko ZNS camp on Friday last week, Mwamba said the government understood that matters of youths were crucial to
any nation.

He said the future of the country depends on how well it addresses the plight of the youths.

"Government is concerned that most of the youths in Zambia lack financial support to help them pursue further education for the betterment of their lives. This has been further compounded by the limited formal employment opportunities that are available in the country," he said.

Mwamba said it was equally of concern to see youths being exploited in a number of ways just for them to sustain bare existence.

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