Friday, January 04, 2013

Rupiah is still relevant to MMD - Kaingu

Rupiah is still relevant to MMD - Kaingu
By Allan Mulenga and Kombe Chimpinde
Fri 04 Jan. 2013, 13:00 CAT

THE MMD leadership has been frequenting Rupiah Banda's home to seek advice on the problems that have beset the party. MMD vice-president Michael Kaingu yesterday said Banda was still relevant to the party. Kaingu said the top leadership rely on former president Banda's wisdom to run the party properly.

"Yes, I have been to RB's home, but of course not looking for resources. RB happens to be our former president and it is important that we consult him. It is assumed that any elderly person has wisdom," he said. "I don't have any problem going to see RB anytime."

Kaingu said he was in Livingstone and would meet Banda again upon his return to Lusaka.

Sources disclosed yesterday that Banda is running MMD through funding and issuing instructions to party president Nevers Mumba.
The sources said Banda is taking advantage of Mumba's financial challenges to control MMD.

Sources explained that Mumba and other leaders had been frequenting Banda's residence, debriefing him on the happenings in the party.

"Maybe what most of you do not know is that Rupiah resisted to retire from MMD and active politics. It took senior members like Major Richard Kachingwe and Catherine Namugala to call for a meeting, where it was decided that he should leave the party. Following the decision, some NEC members then met and assigned Dora Siliya to organise a media briefing at Rupiah's residence, where he announced his retirement under duress," the source said.

The source said Banda has been taking advantage of MMD's financial woes to dictate to the party leadership which people he wants.
Recently, several MMD branches have passed a vote of no confidence in Mumba and called for his removal.

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