Friday, January 11, 2013

Zambia's challenges cannot be solved by one person - Sichone

Zambia's challenges cannot be solved by one person - Sichone
By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Fri 11 Jan. 2013, 13:57 CAT

EASTERN Province minister Malozo Sichone says the country has a lot of challenges that cannot be sorted out by one person.

Speaking during the provincial development coordinating committee meeting at Luangwa House yesterday, Sichone said technocrats and political leaders should not lose sight of their responsibility of spearheading development aspirations of the Zambian people that they were entrusted with.

He urged the delegates to the PDCC to always remember that they owe it to the country to provide the best that they could to the benefit of the people.

"I am aware that during the just-ended year, 2012, we recorded some success as a province especially in the area of infrastructure development, drug availability in health institutions, teacher recruitment, food production among others.

We also had problematic areas such as high malaria incidence, HIV and AIDS, high incidence of road traffic accidents, gender-based violence, which in some cases led to loss of life. These challenges are a wake-up call for us to learn lessons of where we might have gone wrong," Sichone said.

He said the province must make efforts to correct that which could have gone wrong while enhancing those measures that gave the province good results.

"As already alluded to, this country has a lot of challenges, among them high poverty levels, HIV/AIDS, the high rate of unemployment, especially among the youths. These challenges cannot be solved by one person but require the concerted efforts of all of us.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon us all to put our heads together as people of Zambia regardless of our various affiliations and find workable solutions to these challenges," Sichone said.

Most members of parliament in Eastern Province failed to attend the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee meeting despite being invited by the provincial administration office.

Only five out of 17 members of parliament were in attendance in the PDCC meeting by about 09:50 hours.

Those that were in attendance include MMD Chipata Central member of parliament Reuben Mtolo Phiri, MMD Vubwi member of parliament Eustarckio Kazonga, Chipangali's Vincent Mwale, Nyimba's Forrie Tembo, while Luangeni Independent member of parliament Charles Zulu was represented by an officer from his parliamentary office. Others present were Levy Ngoma (Sinda). Isaac Banda (Lumezi) and Nicholas Banda (Kapoche).

Mbewe (Chadiza) and his Lundazi counterpart Mkondo Lungu, Maxwell Mwale of Malambo and FDD's Chasefu member of parliament Chifumu Banda sent apologies.

Provincial permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba said some members of parliament were on their way to the meeting.



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