Monday, February 04, 2013

Govt appreciates China's continued support - Scott

Govt appreciates China's continued support - Scott
By Henry Sinyangwe
Sun 03 Feb. 2013, 14:20 CAT

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott says the government appreciates the continued support from China. Officiating at the Chinese Temple Fair in Lusaka yesterday to mark the 2013 New Year for the Chinese, Vice-President Scott commended the Chinese government for promoting cultural co-operation with Zambia.

"I commend the Chinese government for promoting cultural co-operation between China and Zambia. It would be quite satisfying if next year we had a Zambian contingent for one of our dances learning some Chinese culture. We will see if we can arrange that. We appreciate the assistance that your government has continued to render to Zambia in various areas of development," he said.

Vice-President Scott encouraged the Chinese to visit Zambia's tourism sites such as game parks to appreciate the beauty of African animals.

"This is the first new year festival in Zambia. I see we are celebrating the arrival of the Chinese snake, but I would encourage all of you to get into our game parks, into our protected areas and see the Zambian lions, the Zambian snakes and the Zambian dragons," said Vice-President Scott.

And Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao said the festival would give impetus to the cultural exchanges between the two countries.

"The multiple achievements have been witnessed in our multiple co-operations in almost every field including the field of agriculture," said Ambassador Zhou.

"The festival will give us impetus in enhancing our cultural exchanges in the years to come."

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