Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kabimba urges stronger Zambia-Cuba ties

Kabimba urges stronger Zambia-Cuba ties
By Ernest Chanda
Sun 17 Feb. 2013, 11:30 CAT

WYNTER Kabimba says Zambia and Cuba should build on the strong relations established between the two countries by their founding fathers, Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Fidel Castro.

Speaking when he met Cuba's deputy foreign affairs minister Rogelio Sierra in Havana, Kabimba said the two countries had a common set of challenges that could only be addressed through increased solidarity and cooperation.

Kabimba, who is the ruling PF secretary general and Minister of Justice, acknowledged the support Cuba had given Zambia over the years especially in the areas of health and education.

And Sierra said Cuba was happy with Zambia's solidarity with the Caribbean island on various issues, including the campaign for the release of the Cuban Five and the lifting of the economic embargo imposed by the United States.
He said Cuba would continue with its support to Zambia and Africa.
Kabimba also attended the official opening of the Book Fair in old Havana and earlier visited the Immune Assay Institute (SUMA), which was set up to develop screening technology for the early diagnosis of diseases such as cervical and prostate cancer and many other ailments.

Kabimba's delegation, which includes PF media and publicity director Chanda Mfula and head of protocol, Longa Chibesakunda, was also scheduled to meet with the Young Communist League, a youth wing of the Communist Party of Cuba, and the Latin American Medical School where he would meet Zambian students studying at the institution.
Kabimba and his delegation are in Cuba at the invitation of the Communist Party.

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