Saturday, February 09, 2013

MMD sees 'new hope for Zambia'

MMD sees 'new hope for Zambia'
By Allan Mulenga and Kombe Chimpinde
Fri 08 Feb. 2013, 13:20 CAT

MMD does not have the insatiable appetite to kick out PF from power, says the party's vice-president Michael Kaingu. Kaingu yesterday said MMD would not kill any human being just for a vote. He said UPND had its own formulas of unseating PF from power.

"How can we support them UPND when we have our own distance to run, we can't. They have their own formula. Us we don't have a formula. We have a vision for Zambia. We have a new slogan not 'the hour has come' but 'new hope for Zambia'. We have a vision we don't have these formulae," he said in reference to UPND's Mapatizya formula, which is blamed for violence during by-elections.

"I am so glad that PF has recognised that we are peaceful. We don't have the propensity or insatiable appetite to kick-out the PF government. What we want to do ourselves is, first of all to do proper checks and balances. PF must understand that if they allow us to do proper checks and balances, it will help them govern."

Kaingu said the social contract between the PF and Zambians would determine the future of the PF.
"We don't want to take stones and try to kill for a vote. No! Ours is to talk to our people; tell our people that we are the ones who transformed the Zambian economy. You know how it was before 1991. It was hard to live in this country. Zambia is our baby. We don't want to throw it together with dirty water. We want to protect this country for ourselves," he said.

"We are campaigning peacefully in Livingstone. We have made it clear to our youths that they should campaign peacefully and the youths themselves made a pledge that they will be as peaceful as possible. They will not apply anything whatever you may call it."

Asked on home affairs Permanent Secretary Max Nkole's directives to the Registrar of Societies to remove Reform Party as an official political party, Kaingu said the arrogance being exhibited by ministers was making the PF unnecessarily unpopular.

"They have brought shame to Nevers Mumba as the president of the party; shame to MMD as a group of cadres who are trying to protect democracy in the country. Now that the PS has come out like that, where does that put the minister who was not long ago seen brandishing papers from the Registrar of Societies? Who had been courting the media threatening to bring MMD into extinction? PF is making itself unnecessarily unpopular because Mr Lungu's behaviour is annoying," he said.

"He should know that those are some of the reasons MMD was kicked out of office because we had some arrogant individuals. I must confess that we had some arrogant individuals who campaigned in a manner that the people of Zambia didn't like and that is what Lungu also is doing today. He is showing that arrogance in the manner he is conducting himself. But in real sense, the general citizenship is not happy with him."

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