Friday, March 15, 2013

HH can cause tribalism in Zambia if elected president - Fr Luonde

HH can cause tribalism in Zambia if elected president - Fr Luonde
By Roy Habaalu
Thu 14 Mar. 2013, 16:20 CAT

Fr Richard Luonde says Zambians made the right decision by not voting for Hakainde Hichilema. Fr Luonde says Hichilema can cause serious tribalism in Zambia if elected president of the country. His remarks come in the wake of Hichilema's description of President Michael Sata and Dr Kenneth Kaunda as dictators.

Fr Luonde, an Anglican priest based in Kitwe, said Hichilema's utterances were a recipe for civil strife.

He said if Hichilema had nothing to say, he should withdraw from the political race, go into reflection and return after the 2016 general election.

"Mr Hakainde can cause a serious tribal revolt in this country if he was by any chance elected president of Zambia. He's in a rush to become president not knowing how to go about it and he's about to crash. He's so hungry for power that's why he moved out of many political pacts including that of his party and the PF," Fr Luonde said.

He said Hichilema would do better to concentrate on his economics because politics had failed him.

He described Hichilema as an angry man who had no respect for elders that had contributed to his education.

He described Hichilema as a hypocrite who lacked respect after benefiting from Dr Kaunda's policies.

He said Dr Kaunda sacrificed the last years of his presidency paving way for the birth of multi-party democracy in Zambia.

Addressing the press at the party secretariat in Lusaka, Hichilema said he never thought for once that another dictator like Dr Kenneth Kaunda would emerge after 1991.

"Sometimes I sit down on my own and ask what sin we committed. Why have you given us this type of leadership? And I ask you to pray to God. We know God will answer us. God will help us," he said. "This is not the type of leadership, I am sure, that the youth voted for when they were shouting ' pa maka, pa maka ', when they were shouting donchi kubeba. I don't understand what Mr Sata wants. He won the elections and Rupiah Banda handed over power, what else does Mr Sata want?"

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