Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My day is coming, says Given Lubinda

My day is coming, says Given Lubinda
By Moses Kuwema
Tue 05 Mar. 2013, 14:00 CAT

GIVEN Lubinda says his day is coming. Speaking when he graced the 79th Boys Brigade induction ceremony of the Reformed Church in Zambia in Chilenje on Sunday, Lubinda who has been slapped with a six-month suspension from the PF, shared with the congregation his experiences on the allegations that were levelled against him.

"Lelo nanvela kuti mu ma newspaper onse, ma radio onse, ma television onse bakamba zina imodzi I have heard that today one name is in all the newspapers, on radio and television. I praise God that my name is being mentioned.

My dear brother reverend Mbewe, I want to thank you for all those messages you were sending me and all of you. Thank you for the prayer. I have not come to the end of the journey. God will take me there. My day is coming," said Lubinda as the audience applauded.

Lubinda said he did not lose hope when everybody was pointing fingers at him.

"I still did not lose the hope reverend, my faith; I still keep my faith. I want to thank you. In Psalm 8 verse 11, it strikes very well about how even his family ran away from him. When I feel very lonely, I know you are praying for me. Allow me to thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I have not said a word but praying to my God. Yesterday marked not 40 days in the wilderness, yesterday marked 82 days in the wilderness for me.

It had become a favourite pastime for my friends to go to the press to say 'Lubinda this and that'. Then I said vapakisa anzanga it is too much my friends, I can't manage. I cannot carry this cross on my back. He died on the cross for me, he shall carry this cross for me," he said.

Lubinda said one day God would speak for him and tell everybody where he had gone wrong.

"God shall tell me why I have been accused. God shall tell me what offence I have committed. God shall tell me who I wronged. As for me, I always pray to my God and say to my God, 'God forgive me of all my sins. If I did anything wrong to any person, God forgive me', but I also pray to my God. 'God forgive all those who are rising against me, give them love for them to serve You'. One day, my God shall speak for me.

"One day my God shall tell everybody where I went wrong and I pray to God that all those who have been pointing fingers at me… all those who were running away from me, all those who carried a mock coffin for me and walked in the streets and said, 'he is dead and today we are going to bury him', I hope they will be there that day when God answers for me. I hope God will allow me to serve until my last day on earth," he said.

Lubinda urged the church members to love their neighbours and not bear false witness against others.

And Lubinda said the Boys Brigade was not only in church, and urged parents to help their children to achieve the objectives of the brigade.

He said Boys Brigade was the advancement of Christ's kingdom among boys and the promotion of habits of obedience, discipline and self-respect.

The PF's central committee resolved on Saturday to suspend Lubinda for six months after he was found guilty of allegations of treachery and disloyalty to the party.

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