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Robert Amsterdam is an economic vampire - Mpombo

Robert Amsterdam is an economic vampire - Mpombo
By Moses Kuwema
Mon 04 Mar. 2013, 15:10 CAT

GEORGE Mpombo says the PF's victory in the Mpongwe parliamentary by-election signals a significant breakthrough for the party and a resounding demise for the MMD.

And Mpombo says Robert Amsterdam is an economic vampire.
Meanwhile Mpombo says Zambia's problems cannot be solved on the streets of Johannesburg, and described the opposition political parties that held a briefing in South Africa as political amateurs whose careers would soon go kaput.

Mpombo yesterday said that at the rate things were going for the MMD, the former ruling party was headed for one of the biggest political extinctions.

"Even in my former constituency Kafulafuta, there was a local government by-election, and MMD got a paltry 100 while PF got over 600.

The change is permanent. Right now, PF has become a dominant party in Ndola rural and very soon, all the other seats will be under siege of PF and I am sure they are going to perform well," he said.

Mpombo said the PF had convinced people that it was a party with a national programme for development.

He said President Michael Sata had proved himself to be a locomotive politician who was very seasoned and that people had begun to appreciate his leadership.

"For Ndola rural, the landscape has shifted in favour of PF. There is no doubt about it. Very soon the entire Lambaland will be under PF. The PF has consolidated its position by this resounding performance in Mpongwe. I think it is a great achievement. It is no longer debatable as who is in charge of Ndola rural politically," he said.

And on the PF's victory in ward elections in Itezhi-Tezhi and Namwala, Mpombo said the party had started pulling the rag under the feet of the UPND.

"What this means is that it is very slippery for a political party to just have strength in a particular area, so the results in Namwala and Itezhi-Tezhi actually means that PF has started pulling the rag under the feet of UPND. It is also a sign that the PF has come to be accepted as a national party.

These are warning shots from PF to opposition political parties because very soon, you will find that there is a very good chance that UPND can be displaced. People are looking at results, performance, leadership, the direction of the country. It is a major victory for PF. It is a wake-up call to the UPND that they should change their political strategy; otherwise, they are in for big trouble," said Mpombo.

And according to extracts from his yet-to-be-published book The Audacity of a Journey, Mpombo, who is Zambia's deputy high commissioner to Nigeria, described former president Rupiah Banda's lawyer Amsterdam as an economic parasite who had no moral compass.

"Mr Robert Amsterdam is baying for Zambia's blood. He is baying for this blood for economic reasons. He has gone on an international campaign to humiliate and embarrass Zambia. He is an economic vampire who is hell bent on extracting every alms of kwacha. Zambians should be wary of such men masquerading as crusaders of peace and things like that," he stated.

He stated that if Amsterdam was a man of morality, he should tell the nation where the money he was receiving from his client was coming from.

And Mpombo stated that the opposition should not behave like a clique of political amateurs. He described the gathering in South Africa as a conclave of 'political reprobates'.

"They highlighted shocking levels of political amateurism because the issue of immunity is a sovereignty issue. It is a constitutional issue which cannot be resolved in the streets of Johannesburg. They were mortgaging the integrity of the country. If there are any problems, they should initiate dialogue with government, and government is bound to listen to them, and not go to Johannesburg," Mpombo stated.

Mpombo stated that it was unfortunate that the opposition had in their midst during the briefing in South Africa, international musketeers and racketeers.

"It is a greatest insult that these leaders could gang up with neocolonialists and hold such useless meetings in South Africa.

This collywobbles, where is it coming from and why now? They should understand that Zambia is a sovereign nation and cannot be subjected to some naked dance in the streets of Johannesburg. Every responsible politician cannot gang himself with neocolonialist and international gangsters," he stated.
Mpombo stated that the opposition should behave with a modicum of political responsibility and integrity.

"They should tell us which nation has gotten orders from the streets. You don't just go and join international con men and start….First analyse the driving force behind the desperation. Zambia is a sovereign nation and cannot be lectured to by international musketeers and racketeers. If a politician does not understand that, then he becomes irrelevant," Mpombo stated.

He stated that the action by the opposition was a desperate bid to gain relevance but that because of the way they were handling their issues, they risked becoming irrelevant.

"It is unbelievable that people masquerading as leaders would go and engage themselves in that kind of diabolical scheme. The best way to strengthen the nation is to sit down," stated Mpombo.

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