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(STICKY) (NEWZIMBABWE) MDCs stretched beyond compass of their wits

COMMENTS - According to the US ambassador at the time, Christopher Dell, in Wikileaks Cable 07HARARE638:

" 10. ... the current leadership has little executive experience and will require massive hand holding and assistance should they ever come to power.

11. (C) ... But Tsvangarai is also a flawed figure, not readily open to advice, indecisive and with questionable judgment in selecting those around him. He is the indispensable element for opposition success, but possibly an albatross around their necks once in power. In short, he is a kind of Lech Walesa character: Zimbabwe needs him, but should not rely on his executive abilities to lead the country's recovery. "

MDCs stretched beyond compass of their wits
06/03/2013 00:00:00
by Tobaiwa Tigere

AS WE approach election season again in Zimbabwe, we are beginning to witness the same old, tired and discredited tricks by Zanu PF’s opponents and Zimbabwe’s detractors in the West, particularly Britain.

This is a precursor to declaring the upcoming election not free and fair, because they know that the MDC-T and MDC have no chance whatsoever of defeating Zanu PF, never mind its faults and frailties.

That they bet on the wrong horse is no longer an issue for debate. The objective now is to drag the horse over the finish line and keep the reins firmly pulled to ensure obedience and compliance throughout its tenure. You will recall the Wikileaks revelation affirming that a Morgan Tsvangirai-led government will need massive hand-holding all the way.

The world must recall that the last elections that were accepted by both Zanu PF and the opposition were in June 2008. These were by-elections in Gwanda, Redcliff and Mpopoma. Zanu PF won two of these three constituencies, and the MDCs never said a word. Now this was in 2008, the year of run-away inflation and record unemployment. We all know that economically the situation is much better in Zimbabwe today, with manageable inflation and stability brought about by the multi-currency system and the prevailing stability in general.

Both Zanu PF and MDC can claim responsibility for different aspects of this stability but certainly things are much better. Add to that the fact that the MDCs have had a four-year stint in government which has been nothing short of scandalous. Facts are facts, palatable or not. Zimbabwe has not seen such incompetence within its local government structures as that which the MDCs brought to the table when they won most urban council elections in 2008. What is the MDC’s reason for such gross incompetence?

It is a known fact in group dynamics that “a fish smells from the head” and certainly there is a rancid smell coming from within the MDC ranks. Zimbabweans were in for another rude awakening with the reckless behavior that Morgan Tsvangirai unleashed on the unsuspecting populace.

Right from the get go, the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai displayed a flagrant disdain for Zimbabweans and their norms and practices by attending the inauguration ceremony of South Africa President Jacob Zuma in the company of one Arikana Chihombori, hardly three months after the tragic death of his wife of three decades.

Just as the country was about to overlook that indiscretion by proffering all sorts of excuses for the recently widowed Tsvangirai, he embarked on a series of sordid affairs that have left a sour taste in the mouths of many Zimbabweans which will certainly follow them into the ballot box later this year.

Surely, an over 55 man consorting with a 21-year-old cannot be morally justifiable, in Zimbabwe anyway. Worse, to impregnate the said 21-year-old and dash for cover, refuse paternity, try to force through an illegal abortion and then accept paternity after being cornered cannot be the kind of behavior we are looking for in our next President? That kind of behaviour is for the common man whose ambitions go nowhere near State House.

Many in Zimbabwe will ask what Tsvangirai’s private affairs have to do with him being President, but they just have to cast their eyes across the Limpopo for answers to that. Mediocrity is mediocrity no matter how we choose to emblazon it. Tsvangirai has been a liability to the MDC and will certainly be a liability to Zimbabwe. The idea that Tsvangirai can somehow miraculously guide Zimbabwe out of its current malaise is akin to the notion that a tornado blowing through a junkyard can somehow assemble a Boeing 767!

In the four years that the MDCs have been in government, we have heard Minister after Minister confess to the superior intellect and strategic ability of Robert Mugabe, even at his advanced age. Said Tendai Biti, the MDC-T secretary general and Finance Minister: “We find counsel and wisdom in him. His importance in this country will be seen once he’s gone. When he’s gone that’s when you will see that this man was Zimbabwe. Some of us who came from different parties have had to learn a lot from the man.”

Now, the same Biti wants Zimbabweans to believe his leader Morgan Tsvangirai, a serial womaniser and a man who has been called an intellectual midget by his erstwhile opposition colleagues, a man who has been called “woefully short on policy” by the EU, will be a better leader for Zimbabwe. This is rank hypocrisy and stinks to high heavens.

What single idea has Tsvangirai offered for Zimbabwe’s recovery in the time that he has been Prime Minister? What single issue has Tsvangirai stood steadfast on, defending it as a matter of principle? Even on a simple issue like homosexuality where he knows full well that over 98% of Zimbabweans said they wanted it outlawed during the constitutional outreach exercise, he chooses to prevaricate when confronted by a journalist on BBC’s Newsnight.

Even on the issue of violence, Tsvangirai is inconsistent. We all know his now infamous rant that if Mugabe doesn’t go peacefully, “we will remove him violently”. We also know what his hired thugs did to a defenceless Trudy Stevenson a few years back. Quite simply, Tsvangirai cannot be trusted and he showed this in no uncertain terms when he deliberately engaged in unprotected sex with three women concurrently, in different countries, on the pretext that his member would not function properly if condomised. I mean seriously?

Another reason why the West and their MDCs are in panic mode and have already started besmirching an electoral outcome that is yet to be decided is the fact that in the past decade, Zanu PF has never been a darling of opinion pollsters and has always been shown to be trailing the MDC-T by an abyss of a margin. Whatever the reasons that have driven outfits such as Freedom House and the Mass Public Opinion Institute to produce surveys that show Mugabe and Zanu PF leading the MDC-T in recent opinion polls, the fact remains that something drastic has changed within the regime change establishment.

Assuming that the polls are accurate, well then the writing is on the wall for the MDC-T and the sooner they start packing their empty desks in various government offices the better.

Assuming that the polls are managed, still there is a problem for the MDC-T because they have to ask themselves why their erstwhile Western funded pollsters have to go to the extent of publishing doctored opinion polls in an effort to jolt them out of their open-zips-induced-slumber and being distracted by wealth accumulation.

Whichever way one looks at it, this time around it is the MDC-T that will have to perform a Houdini to come out of this election un-mauled.

Someone once said that “there are none so blind as those who will not see, the most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.” Quite simply, Morgan Tsvangirai is unfit to rule Zimbabwe.

Tobaiwa Tigere can be contacted on e-mail:

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At 5:47 PM , Blogger MrK said...

(NEWZIMBABWE) Tsvangirai under fire for 'main actor' comment
Main actor ... Morgan Tsvangirai and his late wife Susan, who died tragically in a car crash
08/03/2013 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

MORGAN Tsvangirai faced a backlash on Friday, a day after appearing to suggest it was better his wife died in a car accident in 2009 and he survived – because he is the “main actor”.

The Prime Minister spoke at a memorial service for his late wife, Susan, at which he said he had “recovered from the shock” of the March 6, 2009, car accident which killed the mother of six of his children.

The MDC-T leader – famous for putting his foot in it at formal events when breaking from the prepared script – then said something which has shocked even his supporters.

“Ask yourself, had it been me who died and she had survived, what would have happened?,” Tsvangirai was quoted as saying by the NewsDay.
“One of the fundamental things is that the main actor doesn’t die if the film is still on.”

Veteran journalist and feminist Grace Mutandwa, reacting on Facebook, said: “After reading that, I just thought WOW! Is he suggesting that Susan was a ‘bit’ actress so it was okay because the main actor was still there, the show would go on?



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