Monday, April 22, 2013

Financial woes in MMD need urgent attention - Mabenga
By Allan Mulenga
Mon 22 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

MICHAEL Mabenga says the financial woes that have crippled MMD need urgent attention. Commenting on MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu's statement that the party's finances were dwindling because sources of funds had dried up, Mabenga, who is former MMD national chairman, said he was shocked that the party was facing serious financial constraints.

"This is the question of money and money demands that you should be able to sit down and discuss as a family. It is them to discuss and solve their problems," he said. "The best thing to do is for those people to sit down and see how best they can sort out their problems. It is difficult for outsiders talking about their problems."

Mabenga urged the MMD leadership to strategies on how best they could sort out its problems.

"Yes, it is the party I treasured; the party that I spent time on, but I knew other people will take over from there. It is difficult to see what is happening there. It is very difficult, unless the insiders. I have very little to say, but it is a difficult situation I guess," he said.

"They must sit down and find a lasting situation. Anyway, we wish them the best, they have to sit down and have strategies. They must speak as a family and see how best they can address those problems."
Nyangu last week said MMD's sources of funds had dried up.

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