Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hatred blinding opposition leaders -Fr Mpasa
By Godfrey Chikumbi in Kawambwa and Cynthia Phiri in Pemba
Sat 13 Apr. 2013, 14:00 CAT

FATHER Mambwe Mpasa says hatred against those in leadership by the opposition is making them oppose even good things.

And Fr Mpasa says President Michael Sata has shown true statesmanship by lobbying for Felix Mutati's election as UNCTAD secretary general.

Fr Mpasa, who is Catholic Church Vicar General for Mansa Diocese, observed that too much hatred against President Sata and those in government had blinded some opposition leaders from seeing even the good things that the government was doing.

"Hatred is not good because if you go on harbouring hatred, it will blind you from seeing the good in others. So for those harbouring hatred, let them come out of it. Let's show love even towards government.

Where there are mistakes, let us correct them with love," Fr Mpasa said.

He called on the opposition to correct the government out of love and praise where things were good.

And Fr Mpasa said President Sata had risen above partisan politics to focus on national interests by advertising Mutati's name for the UNCTAD position.

He said President Sata never wanted to be confined to his own party when it came to doing what was good for Zambia.
Fr Mpasa implored Zambians to learn from the head of state to support talent regardless of where it was.

"The President has demonstrated how we should support each other where necessary without discriminating ourselves. What the President has done will remain good for Zambia," he said.

Fr Mpasa also commended MMD president Nevers Mumba for welcoming President Sata's support for Mutati's candidature.

Meanwhile, Pemba district commissioner Reginald Mugoba says it is unfair for the opposition to gain political mileage by peddling lies that the government is doing very little to put up infrastructure in the newly created districts when the government had lined up a comprehensive programme in Pemba.

Addressing scores of villagers when he handed over anew hammer mill from government to a local women's club on Wednesday, Mugoba lashed out at opposition parties for engaging in baseless arguments.

He said President Sata had not U-turned on his promise of decentralising the governance structures and that the granting of district status to Pemba was one such move meant to empower the local people to govern themselves.

"Government has a clear and well defined roadmap on infrastructural development in the new district, so I am just wondering why the opposition is engaging in baseless claims when they have no facts," he said.

He said the district administration had embarked on an aggressive campaign to woo investors to Pemba who would set up facilities service stations and banking facilities among others.

And Mugoba assured the Munyona women's club that the donation of the hammer mill was one of the many things they were yet to benefit them from government.

Meanwhile, a women activist of Pemba, Keziah Munsanje, described President Sata as the first President to put in place robust programmes aimed at economically empowering women.

Munsanje, who is both former Pemba UPND councillor and mayor for Choma, said none of the opposition parties had demonstrated willingness to improve the status of women especially in Sothern Province.

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