Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nkalamo urges govt to recognise informal sector efforts
By Prince Chibawah in Mansa
Tue 30 Apr. 2013, 14:00 CAT

THE government has been urged to recognise informal sector efforts towards the country's economic development. Alliance for Zambia Informal Economy Association secretary general Lameck Kashiwa Nkalamo said this during the association's development workshop in Mansa over the weekend.

He said many organisations in Zambia have been deregistered due to non-compliance of their constitutions and registration certificate regulations. Nkalamo cited lack of skills among management members and resources as major challenges faced by most organisations countrywide.

"Several organisations are operating without legal documentation which is making it hard for them to operate effectively. Apart from the issue of non registration of organisations, most of the organisations are also being managed by unskilled and inexperienced leadership leading to mismanagement of resources and failure to sustain membership," he said.

"… The Constitution promotes orderly running of the organisation. It gives specific functions of each executive member and groups in executing duties and responsibilities. Leadership is for guiding and directing, and the leaders are elected because authority and mandate to lead should come from the members. Roles and guidelines reduce conflicts, making leadership accountable and sustainable."

Nkalamo said the smooth running of an organisation requires every member to understand obligations of the institution they belong to.

"…If you are running an organisation which has no vision then it's high time you left it and do something else because the reason why we set objectives in any organisation is for them to clearly drive you to your vision," said Nkalamo.

Earlier, Mansa district AZIEA chairperson Ethel Mwanza said the objectives of the workshop were "to orient the membership in identifying gaps in their organisations, to know and understand their roles and responsibilities and to develop a timeline for making their organisations viable".

Mwanza called on the government to recognise and consider her organisation in the same way trade unions have been recognised.

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