Monday, April 29, 2013

UNIP, MMD going into extinction - Kabimba
By Roy Habaalu in Khartoum, Sudan
Mon 29 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

UNIP and MMD are going into extinction because they have failed to reorganise, says PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

And Sudan's National Congress Party (NCP) deputy head Dr Nafie Ali Nafie said the council of African political parties must consolidate itself into a body that could monitor elections on the continent.

Kabimba, who chaired the committee on the role of political parties in enhancing democracy, peace development and unity here at the ongoing inaugural conference of the council of the African political parties themed 'together to enhance unity and renaissance of the African continent' said former ruling parties in Zambia went into oblivion because they fell for anything.

"In my country, we have two political parties (UNIP and MMD) that lost elections and went into extinction because they failed to re-organise.
Parties must be based on ideologies; otherwise, a party will have problems of its life expectancy. Parties that are not ideologically based are easily infiltrated because they accept everything that comes and so before my party PF comes out of power, we will go to Ghana and learn how to return to power," he said.

"Parties must be broad-based, based on the majority of our people, not a party for elitists. As a continent, we must learn to resolve our own issues and take responsibility. There should be no outside influence on how we should live together, and Sudan and South Sudan must be commended because they have demonstrated that they can arrive at a conclusion without any foreign interference."

Kabimba said African democracy should be based on social conditions of a particular country.

He said copying western democracy and imposing it on African countries had caused problems in many countries.

And Dr Nafie said the council should have effective consultation with political parties that rejected the outcome of elections.

Dr Nafie said parties that rejected the outcome of elections did not have any democratic base.

"There will be no transparency until the political parties that lose elections accept the results of an election and you should ensure that the council becomes an observer of elections in Africa," said Dr Nafie.

Meanwhile, PF Matero constituency chairman Morgan Ng'ona said political parties should put the interest of the country first and refuse to be infiltrated by outsiders.

"Hate and disgruntledness is what has caused Africa problems. Foreign forces look for disgruntled people and if we allow them, we are causing problems for ourselves especially the opposition when they lose an election," said Ng'ona.

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