Monday, April 29, 2013

Party in govt must develop all regions, says Musunte
By Prince Chibawah in Mansa
Sat 27 Apr. 2013, 14:00 CAT

UNIP senior member Mwansa Musunte has advised the Patriotic Front that Zambians do not tolerate a one-party system. In an interview, Musunte said the government was using wrong justification for its failure to develop certain areas of the country.

"Let me advise my colleagues in the PF that Zambians don't tolerate one party system. Maybe some of them don't know that what made my party to be dethroned from the government was the same one-party state system which the PF is trying to create," he said.

Musunte said he was disappointed that the PF was applying wrong techniques like blackmailing people with threats of not taking development to their areas if they do not vote for the PF.

"The PF is now threatening people of not developing some areas where the party is not gaining momentum. This is violating human rights by not giving an opportunity to people to belong or vote for the political party of their choice," he said.

"It is the mandate of any government in power to develop the whole country but what we are seeing now is that if you don't support the PF, your area will not be developed. That is why most of the recent by-elections countrywide have been scooped by the PF because people were scared that if they didn't vote for PF candidates their areas were not going to record any meaningful development."

Musunte, who has been with UNIP since 1995, said the PF wanted to have many members of parliament to enable it to make and implement wrong policies without anyone opposing.

"We are aware that the PF government wants to turn Zambia into one-party state so that they can continue making and implementing their wrong policies. The PF government is inconsistent with their decisions. That's why they want to pull down the opposition so that whatever they decide will be done at any time they feel so. PF doesn't speak one voice or follow their set programmes or policies. You would find today one PF government official makes directives tomorrow a different PF official will suspend the directives," he said.

He said the PF government had failed to honour the Zambian people by fulfilling the promises the party made during campaigns.

"The PF promised the Zambian people 'heaven on earth', which was a total fabrication. They promised that once voted into power, they will give Zambians a people-driven constitution within ninety days of assuming power. They (PF) have almost clocked two years, what have they achieved in connection with the development and other things they promised the people? Nothing at all! Instead they have ended up working with wrong people who, in fact, were referring them to be incapable of running the country. The same people who used to victimise them when PF was in opposition now they are PF advisors and programme implementers," he added.

Musunte said Southern Province minister Daniel Munkombwe was a wrong politician who practiced politics of the belly.

"Munkombwe has made it clear that he joined the PF government for his personal gain. Of course, we all want to eat but what about the issue of the integrity? Politics of belly will not bring development to this country both politically and economically. Munkombwe was serving in the same position during the MMD administration and if at all he gave the people of Southern Province the development they needed, then so be it because in the end, it will be the people of Southern Province to judge him based on what he did for them," Musunte explained.

He also said the PF government had made few scores in its fight against corruption.

"As far as the fight against corruption is concerned, the PF government has a lot more to do. Determination and sacrifice are cardinal elements to be considered if the fight against corruption is to be achieved," noted Musunte.

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