Saturday, May 18, 2013

PF doesn't want to abuse govt treasury - Inonge
By Cynthia Phiri in Choma
Tue 14 May 2013, 14:01 CAT

PF national chairperson Inonge Wina says the party has continued to struggle financially because it does not want to dip into government coffers.

Speaking to women in Choma at the party secretariat, Wina, who is also gender minister, said there was need for the ruling party to come up with strategies for mobilising funds to support party programmes as the government strongly condemns corruption.

"This party has condemned corruption and as such, we are still struggling financially like the time we were in opposition. So, the party has to find ways of mobilising funds that will support party programmes. We do not want to dip in the coffers of the country," she said.

And Wina told the women who gathered to welcome her that the PF government would develop Southern Province despite it being an opposition stronghold.

She said the women would also not be left out of the development agenda of the province.

"It is not possible to change everyone in Southern Province to PF, but we are determined to work with everyone for the sake of development regardless of one's political affiliation," Wina said.

She said the government was faced with challenges because some political leaders did not want to be seen implementing government developmental projects, a situation she said was negatively affecting women's clubs.

Wina encouraged women in rural areas to rise up to the challenge and claim their share of national development projects, adding that women were the backbone of any economy.

She also noted that party structures in Choma had increased in number and thanked district officials for working hard to increase membership.

And the women asked Wina to lobby the government on their behalf for a cervical cancer screening machine.
The women complained that they had to travel to either Monze or Livingstone to access cervical cancer screening services.

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