Monday, May 20, 2013

UNIP confident of Feira by-election victory

By Roy Habaalu
Sat 18 May 2013, 14:00 CAT

UNIP says it will surprise the nation by winning the Feira by-election owing to its popularity in the area. In an interview, national women's chairperson, Beatrice Kayuni, said Luangwa had been a stronghold for the United National Independence Party.

The Feira by-election, caused by the resignation of MMD's Patrick Ngoma to join the PF, is scheduled for June 20, 2013. Kayuni said the party had resolved internal misunderstandings that would have disadvantaged its candidate.

"Eastern Province and Luangwa in particular has been our stronghold and we are confident that we are going to win the Feira seat. People have promised that they are coming back to their mother party because they have seen nothing wrong with UNIP," she said.

Kayuni said no amount of intimidation and electoral malpractice would stop voters from voting for UNIP.

"Our competitors will be shocked. We will take the country by surprise by winning this election and those doubting will be surprised. We are on the ground and I have just come back from Luangwa and will be going back soon. UNIP is not finished as some people may wish," she said.

Kayuni accused the PF of constructing roads in Luangwa to lure voters to vote for its candidate.

She said the party was ready for any election in Eastern Province including Chipata Central that was nullified.
Kayuni said after re-organising itself, the party had done its homework warranting an outright victory.

The PF is fielding Patrick Ngoma, while MMD has Elias Kangachepe Phiri and UPND has Eularia Zulu. UNIP is floating Charles Kanyama.

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