Saturday, May 18, 2013

Zebbies praises Scott's leadership character
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe
Fri 17 May 2013, 14:00 CAT

FORMER Amnesty International Zambia secretary general Zebbies Mumba says it takes unique leadership character for a leader to challenge people to vote his party out of government if it fails to deliver.

Commenting on Vice-President Guy Scott's comments in Sinazongwe, where he challenged Zambians to vote the PF out if they think it was not delivering, Mumba said the Vice-President had demonstrated the boldness and the kind of leadership the PF and its government had embraced in confronting many challenges the country was facing.

He said it was not common for politicians to embrace open and heavy criticism and allow the citizenry to vote their leaders out if, in their opinion, they were not delivering.

"I believe that he was speaking from the bottom of his heart about the determination of the government to uplift the living standards of the people, a heart of saying 'we are open to criticism' and he (Scott) was also communicating to the nation that President Michael Sata's leadership was aware that if they don't deliver, Zambians have a democratic right to vote them out and they can do that. So we expect the PF government not to relax, to embrace all corners of the country in terms of development and to meet the aspirations of many people," he said.

Mumba said after being in opposition for a long time and appreciating the suffering of many Zambians currently in abject poverty, the general populace expected the exemplary leadership that Vice-President Scott had exhibited to be put into action for Zambians to begin to see tangible development.

He said the country was seeing a different political scenario compared to some previous administrations during the MMD regime where some leaders defended wrongs, never embraced criticism and were not willing to leave power for anything.

"That's the kind of politics we need. People must be able to stick their heads and say really we are ready to go if we can't deliver because they know that Zambia is hungry and restless for development. The more reason why governments are voted out of government is because of the failure by the administration to deliver, and the PF must work hard to ensure that social and economic rights for the citizenry are enhanced. Then people will appreciate them and they will not be voted out," said Mumba.

Addressing Maamba residents on Wednesday during a Maamba Collieries Limited-sponsored medical screening camp, Vice-President Scott told Zambians to vote his party out of government in 2016 if they fail to deliver development.

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